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cocoa powder making machines

The cocoa powder production line includes a series of cocoa processing machines. According to the needs of different customers, it includes small-scale cocoa powder processing equipment and a fully automatic cocoa powder processing plant. The cocoa powder processing machine includes cleaning, dehulling, shell kernel separation, drying, baking, peeling, refining, degreasing, crushing, and other processes.

Cocoa powder making process introduction

For different customers, the production steps of cocoa powder are also different. The reason is that different customers use different raw materials. Therefore, in order to meet the production requirements of all customers, I will introduce you to the two cocoa powder processing lines. One is a small production line for small cocoa processing plants, another is a fully automatic processing plant for big factories.

cocoa powder production line-3D
cocoa powder production line-3D

Small scale cocoa powder processing plant

small coco powder production line
small cocoa powder production line

The small cocoa powder production line includes baking, peeling, refining, degreasing, crushing, and other processes. These small cocoa powder making machines are mainly suitable for factories that process cocoa beans at the back end. Their raw materials for cocoa beans are mainly obtained by purchasing cocoa beans on the market. Such cocoa beans have undergone fermentation and drying steps.

Fully automatic cocoa powder production line

automatic cocoa beans processing machine
automatic cocoa beans processing machine

The large-scale cocoa bean production plant mainly consists of two parts. The first part is cleaning impurities, mainly for the preliminary screening of cocoa beans. The cleaning process mainly includes: feeding-removing stone-baking-cooling-grading-storage. The cocoa beans processed in this process will flow to the food processing plant to be processed into cocoa powder.

The whole process of making cocoa powder

The processing of fresh cocoa beans into cocoa powder requires the following steps: shelling-separation of shell and kernel-drying-roasting-peeling-refining-degreasing-cocoa cake crushing-grinding.

Note: We match with these cocoa beans processing machines according to the steps of cocoa powder processing. If your processing method is different, we can match you with a suitable machine according to your processing technology.

Green cocoa pod cracking machine

green cocoa pod cracking machine
  • Output: 300-400kg/h
  • Power: 0.75kw
  • Voltage: 380v 50hz
  • Dimensions:
  • Material: 201 stainless steel belt, frame body transmission parts carbon steel
  • Weight: 150kg

The cocoa pod-breaking machine is used to crack the green cocoa pod. The production efficiency of this machine is extremely high, it can break 30-50 pods per minute. And it can easily get rid of cocoa pods (cocoa fruits) of different sizes. And, regardless of the size of the cocoa pod, it will not break individual cocoa beans.

Shell and kernel separation machine

After the cocoa pod passes through the cracker machine, the cocoa pod shells and cocoa beans spikelet are separated. But some of the cocoa beans still adhere to the cocoa pod shell. Therefore, it requires a shell kernel separator machine to separate the cocoa pod shells and cocoa beans in the cocoa powder production line. The cocoa beans constantly rotate in the drum screen. The smaller cocoa beans leak down through the screen, and the larger cocoa pod shell moves to the outlet with the movement of the screen. Therefore, the cocoa pod shell and the cocoa beans are separated.

Shell and kernel separation machine

Cocoa beans dryer machine

Through the above steps, the cocoa beans we get are cocoa beans wrapped in white floc. We need a dryer machine to dry the cocoa beans. After drying, the sugar contained in the white flesh of the cocoa beans gradually decomposes. The high temperature kills the bacteria on the surface of the cocoa beans and keeps the cocoa beans dry to form a brown color.

dryer machine

Nuts roaster machine

After roasting the cocoa beans, the surface becomes drier. Therefore, the skin on the surface of the cocoa bean is more likely to fall off. Compared with unbaked cocoa beans, the taste of roasted cocoa beans becomes smoother, which is beneficial to subsequent processing.

nuts roaster machine

Cocoa bean peeling machine

cocoa beans peeling machine
  • Output: 200kg/h
  • Motor power: 0.75KW
  • Extension power: 0.55KW
  • Voltage: 380V
  • Stripping rate: >98%
  • Dimensions: 120110120cm
  • Weight: 140 kg

The cocoa powder production line requires a cocoa bean peeling machine to remove the bitter taste contained in the cocoa bean skin. The cocoa bean peeling machine controls by rollers to realize the peeling function. Then suck the peeled skins into the bag outside the machine through the blower. The peeled cocoa beans are discharged through the discharge port. The machine can adjust the wind force and the peeling gap.

Cocoa paste grinder machine

cocoa paste grinder machine
  • Power: 5.5kw, 380V
  • Size: 900x350x900mm
  • Weight: 170kg
  • Output: 100-150kg/h

The cocoa paste grinder machine can grind cocoa beans into cocoa slurry, and it can remove the bitterness and astringency contained in cocoa beans. The colloid mill composes of a stator and a rotor. During operation, the stator and the rotor rotate mutually to generate shearing force and friction force, so that the material can achieve the effect of fine grinding and roughly grinding.

In the liquid state, the cocoa paste is called a cocoa mass, and it is called a cocoa liquor in the solid state.

cocoa paste grinder machine

Cocoa butter pressing machine

cocoa butter pressing machine
  • Model: 6YZ-150
  • Size: 400500850mm
  • Weight: 260kg
  • Max pressure: 55Mpa
  • Band heater Power: 2kw
  • Band heater control temperature: 70-100℃
  • Material barrel volume: 2kg
  • Oil cake diameter: 150mm
  • Motor power: YZ90L-4, 0.75KW

The hydraulic oil press machine is specially used to squeeze the fluid or solid oil-containing raw materials into a cake shape and remove the oil during the pressing process. Therefore, the machine can apply for pressing cocoa butter in the cocoa powder processing line. The cocoa liquor can be pressed by this machine to obtain cocoa butter (creamy yellow) and cocoa cake.

Cocoa cake breaking machine

cocoa cake breaking machine

After de-fatting, the cocoa cake is relatively hard and needs to be broken by a breaking machine before grinding. The cocoa cake crusher machine can crush harder materials into fine particles.

Cocoa powder grinder machine

cocoa powder making machine

The last step of the cocoa powder production line is to use a stainless steel grinder to grind the powder. The cocoa powder grinding machine adopts all stainless steel and the fineness of crushing is determined by the gap of the screen. And you can make cocoa powder of different fineness by changing screens of different sizes.

Features of the cocoa powder production line

  1. This cocoa powder production line is suitable for large, medium, and small cocoa powder processing manufacturers.
  2. All cocoa powder manufacturing machines adopts food grade machine materials, which are safe, efficient, and hygienic.
  3. The cocoa powder produced by these cocoa powder processing machines has good quality and good taste, which can maximize the use of raw materials and reduce the waste of raw materials.
  4. The production line can complete the entire process from the raw materials of cocoa beans to the final product, with high production efficiency.
  5. All cocoa powder making machines have multiple models, so we can provide you with a variety of specifications of cocoa powder production lines.

Cocoa powder application

Cocoa powder is processed through a series of processes. It has the characteristics of a fine powder, pure fragrance, and no impurities. Therefore, it can be used to produce chocolate, ice cream, candy, pastry, and other foods.

product application
product application

Cocoa powder benefits

Cocoa powder contains a variety of nutrients, these nutrients have great benefits to human health.

1. The linoleic acid in cocoa powder can help the body stabilize blood sugar and control appetite.

2. Cocoa powder is rich in vitamin A, which can maintain visual function, maintain normal growth and development of bones, and promote growth.

3. Cocoa powder also contains tannins and cocoa polyphenols, which can prevent the formation of gum stones and tooth decay, and are very helpful in protecting teeth.

4. The flavonoids contained in cocoa powder can promote vasodilation, reduce inflammation and reduce blood clot formation, thereby playing a role in preventing cardiovascular disease.

5. Cocoa powder contains phenethylamine ingredients that can make people feel happy, and people who are in low mood and depression can improve their mood when eating.

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