Fresh cocoa pod splitting machine,cocoa pod spiltter cracker

cocoa pod splitter and separator machine

The fresh cocoa pod splitting machine is an important machine in cocoa beans processing. It applies to green cocoa pod cracking. Because fresh cocoa pods have a hard shell, it will reduce production efficiency if cracked by labor in large batches. Therefore, large cocoa processing plants generally choose cocoa bean cracker machines to process cocoa pods. After splitting cocoa pods, the cocoa beans can be used to process cocoa powder, cocoa butter, and chocolate.

Operation video of green cocoa pod splitter machine

How to operate the cocoa pod splitting machine

The green cocoa extracting machine applies to all various sizes of cocoa pods. The pod splitter machine consists of a motor, conveyor belt, and cutting tool.

green cocoa bean seperator machine
green cocoa bean separator machine
  • The motor drives the chain and the cutting tool to rotate.
  • Place the cocoa pods on the conveyor chain in the vertical direction, the chain rotates and carries the cocoa pods under the knife.
  • The cocoa pod cutter cuts a gap vertically along the shape of the cocoa pod. The cutter will adjust its position according to the size of the cocoa pod.
  • After cracking, the cocoa pods often need a grading machine to classify.
  • After processing by a cocoa pod splitting machine and grading machine, cocoa pods with hard shells form into cocoa beans.

Fresh cocoa bean cracker parameters

  Model 2SB-19/1 CPC
 Rated output ( Pods/h) 2000 -3000
 Power Model  Electric motor 220V 50HZ (0.5KW)
 Power (hp) 2kw support  gasoline  generator  set
 Breaking rate 98%
 Overall weight(kg)  170kg/200kg
 Overall dimension(L×W×H) (mm) 2500*800*1360

As shown in the figure, the breaking rate of our cocoa pod splitting machine is more than 98%. Compared with other peers with a 96% breaking rate, it has unique advantages. This means that you can save the time of putting cocoa beans back into the cocoa pod cutting machine for splitting. In addition, the output of our machine is 2000-3000 pods per hour, which means that our machine has high production efficiency. If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

Good features of the fresh cocoa pod splitter machine

  1. The cocoa pod splitter machine has extremely high production efficiency, it can break 30-50 pods per minute.
  2. It is suitable for cracking different sizes of cocoa podss, And no matter the size of the cocoa pod, it will not break a single cocoa bean.
  3. The fresh cocoa bean cracker machine has a compact structure and high splitting efficiency.
  4. The splitter cracker machine greatly saves labor rate and improves production efficiency.
  5. It is widely applied in cocoa bean processing plants and large farms.