Nut Shelling & Cracking Machine

There are two types of sacha inchi husking machine, one is for small output, the other is for fully automatic seed hulling machine.
Cocoa pod splitter machine is specially used for cracking fresh cocoa pods. It has a high splitting rate and is suitable for various sizes cocoa pods.
Walnut shelling machine is the best machine for cracking dry walnut. It has a high cracking rate and a low breakage rate.
Green walnut peeler machine is specially used for peeling and cleaning fresh green walnuts.It has compact and stable structure.
Automatic cashew nut shelling machine is the best machine for cashew nut shelling. It has the characteristics of high shelling rate and low damage rate.
Almond shelling machine is widely used for cracking almonds, hazelnuts, palms and other nuts. It has high production efficiency and shelling rate.

Nuts Process

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