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walnut pecan cracking machine

Walnut cracking machine is suitable for peeling hard nut shells such as dried walnuts, pecans and chestnuts. It replaced the traditional manual shelling, and made up for the shortcomings of manual peeling efficiency, high damage rate and easy injury. The walnut cracker machine is suitable for different varieties and sizes walnuts. In addition, the machine has high capacity with 99% cracking rate, and less than 1% broken and unbroken rate. It is the best machine for cracking walnut shells.

Walnut cracking machine parameters

 Breaking rate3%-5%

Walnut application

Walnut has good edible effect and is beneficial to human body. And it also has many applications, such as direct consumption as dried fruit, squeezing juice, as a cooking ingredient, as a raw material for cakes, etc.

walnut application
walnut application

The working principle of pecan shelling machine

There are two main ways of cracking the shells according to the walnut variety and the completeness of the kernel. One is to adjust the speed of the pupil motor to make the speed consistent with the internal wind, so as to achieve the effect of shelling. The other is to achieve the best effect of shelling by adjusting the internal gap.

The walnut sheller machine is composed of a stator and a rotor. After the walnuts enter the hopper, the walnuts pass through the pores between the stator and the rotor. Then the stator and the rotor rotate to grind the walnuts, thereby breaking the walnut shells.

Walnut cracking machine advantages

  • The pecan shelling machine has the characteristics of safety, high efficiency and energy saving.
  • The machine does not have high requirements for walnut sorting, and it can process walnuts after preliminary screening. This pecan cracker machine is suitable for shelling different varieties of walnuts.
  • The production efficiency of walnut shelling machine is nearly 20 times higher than that of manpower. And the peeling effect is good, the damage rate is low.
  • The whole process of walnut cracking adopts mechanized production to reduce unnecessary manual contact. It avoids secondary pollution during processing, and improve food safety and hygiene indicators.

The walnut kernels and shells after cracking are still together. If they are separated manually, it takes a long time and is inefficient. Therefore, many customers who purchase walnut sheller often choose to purchase walnut shell separator machine together. The machine can sieving walnut shells and kernels in large quantities. Also, it is also suitable for the screening of nuts such as almonds, palm, and Badam.

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