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walnut oil extraction process

The walnut oil press machine is a hydraulic oil press, which mainly uses hydraulic oil pressure to press walnuts. It can use whole walnuts or use peeled walnut kernels as raw materials for oil extraction. The oil content of walnut is as high as 65~70%, and the main component of its oil is an essential fatty acid for the human body, which is rich in nutrition.

Walnut oil press machine introduction

The main power of the hydraulic oil extraction machine is hydraulic oil, which generates pressure in the machine’s press chamber to squeeze walnuts. The machine mainly uses pure physical cold pressing to squeeze walnuts. And the dried walnut as the raw material to press oil is better.

machine in factory
machine in factory

Therefore, if the water content of walnuts is large, it needs a nut roaster to roast first to reduce the water content in the walnuts before pressing.

How does the black walnut oil press machine work?

Before using the machine, clean the inside of the press chamber first, and add an appropriate amount of hydraulic oil to the machine. Connect the power supply and operate the control panel to set the temperature at about 70 degrees. Place the meat on the bottom of the press chamber, then place the bag on the mat and fill the bag with walnuts. After filling, put a separator on the top and close the top cover of the machine. Turn on the machine to start pressing.

Walnut oil extraction process

The complete walnut oil extraction has undergone the steps of peeling green walnuts, cracking walnuts, squeezing walnut oil, filtering walnut oil, and filling.

Peeling green walnuts

Freshly harvested green walnuts need to be peeled by a green walnut peeling machine. Green walnut peeling machines can realize peeling and cleaning of green walnuts at one time. The walnut peeling machine is suitable for peeling walnuts of various sizes.

Cracking walnuts

Walnuts have a hard shell. If you need to shell walnuts in large quantities, you need to use a professional walnut shelling machine for shelling. There are two types of walnut shelling machines, one can maintain the integrity of the walnut kernel. The other one can remove the walnut shell, but it will destroy the walnut kernel. The walnut kernel for walnut oil pressing does not have to be intact.

walnut pecan cracking machine
walnut pecan cracking machine

Walnut oil extraction

The walnut for oil extraction must be sufficiently dry. The wet walnuts need to roast with a roaster machine, then can use a walnut oil press machine for pressing the oil.

Walnut oil filtration

Although the oil squeezed by a hydraulic oil press is pure enough, there are still many customers who insist on buying an oil filter. The oil filter matched with the hydraulic oil press is a centrifugal oil filter. The machine mainly uses the centrifugal principle to filter out impurities in the oil.

oil filter machine
oil filter machine


Like peanut oil, walnut oil also adopts a paste filling machine for filling oil. We provide a variety of filling machines with different specifications. No matter how large a bottle you want to fill, we can customize it for you.

Different customers have different walnut raw materials, and their oil extraction process is also different. You can use the shelled walnuts or dehulled walnut kernels for pressing the oil.

Walnut oil nutrition and application

Walnut is known as one of the four major nuts and is rich in nutrients. The oil content of walnut is as high as 65%~70%, which is the first of all oils. Walnut oil squeezed from walnut kernels also have rich nutrients. Walnut oil contains a variety of fatty acids needed by the human body. The walnut oil can effectively supplement the trace elements in the body.

There are many ways to eat walnut oil. It can be added to the baby’s complementary food to improve the baby’s brain development. Walnut oil can also be used to cook hot and cold dishes. It can also be used to make pastries.

Hydraulic walnut oil extraction machine video

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