How to Extend the Service Life of Walnut Oil Press?

walnut oil

Walnut oil is a healthy and nutritious oil that has emerged in recent years. After the production and processing of the walnut oil press can retain the flavor and nutrition of walnuts to a large extent. Therefore, walnut oil has become a common cooking oil on people’s tables. Because walnut oil can supplement the nutrients required by the human body, it is beneficial to the health of the human body. In addition, walnuts themselves are rich in nutrients and are one of the dried fruits that people often use on a daily basis. Walnut oil has become one of the favorite edible oils due to its rich nutritional content.

walnut oil
walnut oil

How to choose a walnut oil press machine?

The purchase of a walnut oil machine needs to have a strong strength of the manufacturers to consult to buy. This is a good guarantee of both quality assurance and after-sales service. The extraction of walnut oil in the industrial production of more than the use of a pressing system. Especially in winter, some oil press-related parts need to withstand high pressure, so regular maintenance is needed to ensure that the machinery and equipment can operate normally for a long time.

walnut oil extraction process
walnut oil extraction process

The maintenance of the walnut oil press machine

The maintenance of the oil press is very important. Because this can affect the service life of the equipment and the stability of the usual operation.

  1. When buying a walnut oil press, you need to know the precautions for using the machine.
  1. In the normal operation of the timely observation of all aspects of mechanical equipment.
  2. For the wearing parts that need to be regularly checked, and the parts that have problems will be repaired and replaced in a timely manner.
  3. The oil press should be carefully cleaned and wiped clean when the machine is out of use.
  4. for the need to apply lubrication parts lubrication to avoid rust, and wrapped with oil paper will be.
  5. Check whether the nuts of the various parts of the walnut hydraulic oil press are loose, and tighten the loose nuts.
hydraulic walnut  oil press machine
hydraulic walnut oil press machine

What are the advantages of the Taizy walnut oil press?

Walnut oil has the advantage of high nutritional value compared to common soybean oil and peanut oil. Therefore, Therefore, the requirements for walnut oil extraction machines are also higher in the process of production and processing. Many grains and oil equipment manufacturers are lacking in the production and processing technology of walnut oil equipment. This leads to the production of walnuts does not meet the standards that customers want. But Taizy machinery manufacturer will not cause you these troubles.

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