How do you use a hydraulic oil press machine? Oil press machine FAQ

hydraulic walnut oil press machine

Hydraulic oil press machines could process peanuts, sesame, walnut, avocado, palm, and other raw materials. And the oil press machine is always popular in many countries. Here the post lists the most frequently asked questions about the hydraulic oil press machine.

What is a hydraulic oil press machine?

The hydraulic oil press is a kind of oil press equipment with simple operation, high oil output rate, and less replacement of wearing parts in the mechanical oil press. It is a new generation of equipment that replaces the manual operation of small sesame oil. Because of the small amount of squeezing (1-15 kg/time) and short time (8-12 minutes/time), it is suitable for fresh squeezing and selling.

oil press machine FAQ
oil press machine FAQ

This hydraulic oil press machine directly adds the fried oil into the barrel to squeeze out the oil, and quickly make pure sesame oil. People have witnessed the production process of sesame oil. The hydraulic oil pressing equipment is professional equipment for pressing sesame, peanut, walnut kernel, almond, pine nut, tea seed, and other high oil crops.

FAQ about hydraulic oil press machine

What raw materials are suitable for hydraulic oil press?

Olives, avocado, sesame, walnuts, etc.

What is the material of the machine?


Is the machine inside stainless steel?

We can customize it for you.

For your hydraulic oil machine, is the material stainless steel or copper?

Alloy, no oil press machine is stainless steel, it will not rust.

Which part is made of alloy?

The whole body.

How long does it take to squeeze oil once?

8 min.

What is the oil output rate of the hydraulic oil press?

The raw materials are different in each place, and the oil production rate is different.oil yield of hydraulic cold oil extraction machine

Does your company have a certificate?

Yes, we have a CE certificate.

How does this machine filter oil?

It can match with a vacuum oil filter or centrifugal oil filter.

Is there a special oil press for sesame seeds?

A hydraulic oil press machine is suitable for sesame seeds.

Is it easy to operate?


Screw and hydraulic press machine, which one gets more oil?

It depends on how many raw materials do you want to deal with.

If I cooked 30kg then I keep and used for hydraulic machine, is that any problems?

No problem.

Does the hydraulic oil press need to be preheated?

Yes. It needs to be preheated for 10 minutes.

What is the preheating temperature of the hydraulic oil press?


Is it possible to use this machine to squeeze walnuts?

Yes, but it must be cooked before.

Vulnerable parts of hydraulic oil press?

Mainly squeezed sticks, two will be given for free.

Is the sesame oil hydraulic screw good?

The hydraulic oil output rate will be higher.

Is hydraulic pressure cold-pressed?


What is the maximum hydraulic output?


What is the pressure required for each model?

Generally 55 MPa, the maximum can be changed to 60 MPa.

What is the oil yield of avocado?


Where is the feed inlet of the hydraulic oil press?


Is it edible if it is hydraulically fried?


I hope that the oil press machine FAQ may answer your questions about the hydraulic oil press machine. If you are interested in this machine, feel free to comment or contact us.

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