Nut Processing Line

The Taizy hazelnut processing line is designed and manufactured by Taizy Nut Machinery for the efficient processing of hazelnuts. This line is designed to simplify the various processing steps of hazelnuts for eating, further processing, or packaging.
The almond shelling production line could shell and peel almonds, and it includes two parts: almond shelling and separating plant, and almond peeling plant. The main machine used in this production line is almond shelling machine, almond shell separator, and soaked almond peeling machine.
This peanut brittle production line could process rice, peanut, sesame. It includes sugar melting, mixing, cutting, packaging.
The peanut coating production line processes peanuts in a large scale. It consists of roasting, coating, cooling machines and others.
The large peanut butter production line includes semi-automatic and automatic production lines. The output is 200kg/h-1000kg/h.
The cocoa paste production line includes roasting, peeling, and grinding processes. small-scale and fully automatic production line.
The pine nut shelling production line can remove pine cones, grading, shelling, and separating. Can process Lebanese and Pakistan pine cones.
Cocoa bean processing equipment includes a roasting machine, conveyor belt, cooling belt, peeling machine, elevator, roller classifier, etc. This production line can process cocoa beans into cocoa nibs, which are the raw materials of cocoa powder, chocolate, snack making.
The chocolate production line uses cocoa butter, cocoa powder and other raw materials to make chocolate. The chocolate production has gone through the steps of raw material mixing, fine grinding, heat preservation, molding, and packaging.
The small peanut butter processing plant contains a series of peanut butter processing machines for making peanut butter.

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