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automatic chocolate production line

The automatic chocolate production line uses cocoa powder and cocoa butter as raw materials to produce chocolate in large quantities. The processing line mainly includes the steps of mixing, fine grinding, temperature adjustment, forming, and packaging. The chocolate-making machines provided by Taizy have high automation, large production output, and a wide range of applications. The automatic chocolate production line can produce chocolates of different shapes by changing different molding machines. Therefore, this industrial chocolate processing plant is suitable for making chocolate bars, chocolate chips, coin chocolate, chocolate bean, and other shapes of chocolate.

About chocolate

There are many shapes and flavors of chocolate on the market. The content of cocoa butter in chocolate is more than that in cocoa mass. And the cocoa butter in chocolate is also the source of the unique taste of chocolate. In addition, some types of chocolate will also add milk, milk powder, sugar, and other raw materials. Add different raw materials, the taste of chocolate is also different. For different shapes of chocolate, different molding machines or molds are usually used to make them.

chocolate products
chocolate products

Chocolate processing line flow chart

The production of chocolate generally goes through the process of mixing raw materials, fine grinding, temperature adjustment, pouring and molding, and packaging.

chocolate processing line flow chart
chocolate processing line flow chart
  • The raw material mixing is to evenly mix the cocoa butter, sugar, cocoa powder, milk powder, and other raw materials required for the chocolate production.
  • Refining is the process of grinding the mixed materials finely. According to the fineness of the mixed raw materials, it can divide into coarse grinding and fine grinding. Coarse grinding usually uses a ball mill, and fine grinding needs to use a finer grinding machine.
  • In chocolate production, the purpose of temperature adjustment is to make the cocoa butter contained in the raw material form stable crystals. Therefore, the formed chocolate can form a bright luster and can extend the shelf life of the chocolate.
  • Molding is to pour the tempered chocolate into the mold of the molding machine. The chocolate formed in the shape of the mold is cooled but becomes a colorful chocolate product with a fixed shape.
  • The molded chocolate can be circulated to the market after packaging.

Chocolate processing machine involved in the chocolate processing plant

According to the production steps of chocolate, it needs to use mixers, refiners, holding tanks, chocolate forming machines, chocolate packaging machines, and other machines.

Raw material mixer

The raw material mixer is to mix cocoa powder, cocoa butter, sugar, milk powder and other materials together. Before mixing the ingredients, if you need to melt the cocoa mass, you can use a melting pot. If you are using whole pieces of sugar, you can also use a sugar powder machine to break large pieces of sugar into smaller pieces.

sugar powder machine
sugar powder machine


The refiner is the main machine for refining the chocolate slurry. It can refine the large particles contained in the chocolate raw materials into small particles. Depending on the fineness of raw materials, there are two types of refiners that can be used in the chocolate production line.

chocolate refiner machine
chocolate refiner machine

The fine grinding machine uses blade cutting to cut the large particles into small particles. The machine has a jacket and temperature control system to ensure that the water temperature in the jacket is quickly heated and cooled.

The ball mill is a vertical cylinder structure. The machine mainly uses the principle of continuous collision and friction between the steel ball and the material in the barrel to achieve the desired fineness of the material.

Storage tank

The storage tank can keep the chocolate warm, emulsifiers, and mixes it evenly. This machine is a storage tank before forming.

storage tank
storage tank

The fine grinding and holding tank is used to store the finely ground chocolate raw materials. The machine has the functions of homogeneous emulsification and uniform mixing of particles in the raw materials.

The continuous tempering machine has four temperature control zones and one heat preservation zone. This machine can crystallize the chocolate slurry perfectly and ensure the smooth taste of the chocolate.

Chocolate forming machine

chocolate forming machine
chocolate forming machine

The chocolate forming machine is a machine that shapes and cools the chocolate. The machine mainly uses molds to form the chocolate into a certain shape. In the automatic chocolate production line, the molding machine has the functions of pouring, vibrating, cooling, de-molding, conveying and drying. And according to the customer’s finished product requirements, it can customize different pouring forms.

Chocolate packaging machine

Depending on the shape and packaging of the chocolate, it needs to be packaged with different packaging machines.

Chocolate bar packaging machine

This chocolate bar packaging machine is suitable for automatic twist packaging of chocolate and candy. Choose different packaging modules, the machine can realize three types of packaging: single twist, double twist, and top twist.

Chocolate chip packaging machine

The chocolate chip packaging machine is suitable for packaging round or heart-shaped chocolates, candies, and other products with a flat bottom and a special shape. This machine needs to use a conveyor finishing machine to sort the chocolate.

Chocolate bean packaging machine
Chocolate bean packaging machine

This chocolate bean packaging machine is suitable for packaging spherical and egg-shaped chocolates. The machine can automatically realize the functions of sugar management, transportation and packaging.

Chocolate chip packaging machine
Chocolate chip packaging machine

Features of chocolate processing plant

  • The chocolate production line has high production efficiency and is suitable for the mass production of chocolate in the industry.
  • Strong adaptability, the chocolate production line can make chocolates of different shapes by changing different molding machines.
  • The production line provided by Taizy can reduce the use of raw materials and improve the taste of chocolate.

Cocoa bean processing machine involved in the chocolate production line

chocolate production process
chocolate production process

The raw materials for chocolate production are cocoa butter and cocoa powder. The cocoa butter and cocoa powder are obtained by processing cocoa beans. Cocoa bean raw materials undergo the steps of peeling, roasting, peeling, refining, and squeezing to obtain cocoa butter and cocoa powder. If you use cocoa bean raw materials to make chocolate, you also need to use cocoa bean processing machines or cocoa powder production machines to first process the cocoa beans into cocoa butter and cocoa powder. Then use cocoa butter, cocoa powder, sugar, and other raw materials to make chocolate.

How about the chocolate production line price?

Different production processes require different machines. And for different production lines, its price is different. Therefore, we first need to clarify your production process and finished products. In this way, we can determine the machine and the output of the machine you need for production. Then, we can send you a quotation for the chocolate production line.

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