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The chocolate bar making machines include a mixer, refiner, holding tank, chocolate forming machine, chocolate packaging machine, and other machines. It is the main equipment in the chocolate production line. It can produce chocolate bars, chocolate chips, chocolate beans, and others. The produced chocolate is delicious and healthy, with no harmful additives.

Introduction of the chocolate bar making process

  1. Mix the cocoa butter, sugar, cocoa powder, milk powder, and other raw materials with the machine.
  2. Refine the mixed materials with a finer grinding machine.
  3. To make the cocoa butter form stable crystals, workers need to adjust the temperature of machines. Therefore, the formed chocolate can form a bright luster and has a long shelf life.
  4. Pour the tempered chocolate into the molding machine. The chocolate can become a colorful chocolate product with a fixed shape.
  5. The molded chocolate can be sold in the market after packaging.
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Advantages of the commercial chocolate bar making machine

  • Easy operation

This is a fully automatic chocolate bar processing plant, and there is no operating difficulties for workers.

  • Related machines

The raw materials of the chocolate bar include cocoa butter and cocoa powder. If the customer is a new starter in this business, we could also provide a cocoa powder production line and cocoa butter processing machines.

  • High-quality products

The processing steps of this chocolate bar production line can produce tasty fine chocolate, meet the demands of customers.

chocolate bar making machine for sale
chocolate bar making machine for sale

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