The Taizy hazelnut processing line is designed and manufactured by Taizy Nut Machinery for the efficient processing of hazelnuts. This line is designed to simplify the various processing steps of hazelnuts for eating, further processing, or packaging.
A cocoa powder grinding machine is a specialized piece of equipment used in the chocolate industry to process raw cocoa beans into fine cocoa powder.
Cashew nuts peeling machine is specially made for cashew skins. It can easily separate cashew nuts from cashew nut skins. Easy and quickly.
This black sesame seed peeler machine can remove the skin of sesame seeds, separate the seed and skin. It has a large capacity.
This octagonal coated peanut flavoring machine can season coated peanuts, potato chips, and other puffed snack food.
Airflow cereal puffing machine could process cereal bar, including peanut candy bar, rice cake, corn cake, and other grain bars.
Jacketed kettle for peanut candy is a machine for cooking syrup and other raw materials in the peanut brittle production line. It can also apply to heat fruit jam, drug, pasta, and others.
developed by our factory with the introduction of the latest technology. It is mainly used for grinding various peanut butter (normal, smooth, original, sweet, salty, spicy), etc. Its biggest advantage is that it has a high yield and can directly grind whole peanuts into the sauce.
The almond shelling production line could shell and peel almonds, and it includes two parts: almond shelling and separating plant, and almond peeling plant. The main machine used in this production line is almond shelling machine, almond shell separator, and soaked almond peeling machine.
This peanut cereal bar molding machine could press, cool, and cut peanut brittle bars. apply to sesame, sachima, sunflower seeds, rice cake.

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