Stainless Steel Jacketed Kettle for Peanut Candy | Sugar Cooking Pot

Stainless Steel Jacketed Kettle for Peanut Candy

A Jacketed kettle for peanut candy is a machine for cooking syrup and other raw materials in the peanut brittle production line. It can also be applied to heat fruit jam, drugs, paste, and others. The processed materials can be mixed with peanuts or rice to produce a peanut candy bar or rice cake. This multi-functional sugar cooking pot has intelligent control, many heating modes, and many materials. And it is easy to operate, with a large capacity.

Operation Video of Jacketed cooking kettle

Machine structure of jacketed kettle cooker

This Jacketed kettle mainly consists of a motor, support plate, pot body, limit device, pressure gauge, safety valve, hand wheel, frame, and hydrophobic valve.

The pot body is welded by the inner and outer pots. Both the inner and outer parts are made of stainless steel, which is tailor-welded with a full penetration structure according to GB150-1998.

The tiltable pot part consists of a turbine, worm, hand wheel, and bearing seat.

The tilting frame includes an oil cup, bearing seat, bracket, and so on.

Features of sugar cooking pot

  • Tilting function

Customers could choose to buy a jacketed kettle with a tilting function or not. And the tilting use could help to discharge cooked materials.

  • Mixer part

This cooker can match with a mixing part for those sticky ingredients, like cream, or syrup. And customers could also buy a pot without mixing parts for those dilute materials, like fruit jam.

  • Heating oil

The Jacketed kettle can heat through gas, electricity, and steam, which can be added to the inner layer of the pot.

  • Intelligent control system

The heating temperature and time can be set through a control panel.

  • Multiple usage

The jacketed cooking kettle can be used for making fruit jam, chili paste, whipped cream, mixed drugs, syrup, and chemical use.

final products
final products

Machine parameter

Modelsteam jacketed kettlegas-heating jacketed cookerelectric jacketed kettle
200Ldiameter: 900mm
inner layer thickness: 3mm
outer layer thickness: 3mm
mixing power: 1.5kw
diameter: 900mm
thickness: 4mm
mixing power: 1.5kw
diameter: 900mm
thickness: 3mm
mixing power: 1.5kw
heating power: 900mm
300Ldiameter: 1000mm
inner layer thickness: 4mm
outer layer thickness: 3mm
mixing power: 1.5kw
diameter: 1000mm
thickness: 4mm
mixing power: 1.5kw
diameter: 1000mm
thickness: 4mm
mixing power: 1.5kw
heating power: 30kw

Steam jacketed kettle technical data


Electric jacketed pan parameter

Modeldiameterheating powermixing power

Gas-heating jacketed cooker technical parameter

Modeldiameterinner layer thicknessouter layer thicknessmixing power

How to install stainless steel jacketed kettle

  1. When unpacking, check whether the product and the accessories are consistent with the packing list. During the transportation, whether the product and parts are damaged. If there is any loss or damage, please contact our company in time to solve it.
  2. The product has been tested for performance before leaving the factory, and the relative positions of all parts have been installed and adjusted. Users generally only check it and do not disassemble it at will, so as to avoid improper reinstallation and adjustment, which will affect the performance of the product.
  3. The equipment does not need to be fixed, as long as it is placed on a flat concrete floor.
  4. The power supply should meet the requirements of the mixing structure of the equipment, and the equipment casing must be well grounded to avoid leakage accidents.
  5. When installing, pay attention to ensure that the oil inlet pipeline is unblocked and there must be no obstruction.
jacketed pot with control panel
jacketed pot with control panel

Operation of the jacketed cooking pot

Before connecting to electricity, the customer at the front of the distribution box needs to be equipped with a leakage protector. After connecting to the equipment, firstly, fill with thermal oil, and then connect to the power supply.

Start machine

There are oil filler and oil spill ports at the back of the pot body, which are used for refueling and exhausting. Refill oil from the oil filler and open the oil spill port. When the oil flows out from the oil spill port, it means that the oil has been added. After refueling, Close the oil spill valve, turn the oil filler port toward the ground, and keep the oil filler open.

Connect the power. After connecting the power cord, turn on the circuit breaker in the distribution box.

Set the temperature on the digital display temperature controller. SET button to set the temperature, the temperature setting range is 0-230 degrees. Firstly, press the SET button, then adjust the temperature to the operating temperature, adjust the temperature by the up and down buttons. And then press the SET button. Then turn on the heating switch, the temperature will automatically control, and it will automatically disconnect when reaching the set temperature.

Clean machine

In order to ensure the cleanliness of the heat transfer oil, check it every 3-6 months. The valve at the bottom of the pot is an oil drain. When draining the oil, be sure to lower the temperature to below 50 degrees and drain the oil to prevent the oil temperature from being too high and causing burns.

In order to keep the food materials in the pot clean, clean it once a day, and it can be washed directly with water.

The jacketed pot can be tilted. Before tilting and pouring, firstly, turn off the heating power. Then pull out the safety plug to tilt the pouring.

Before using the tiltable jacketed pot, check whether the rotating parts are well-lubricated. Fill the oil cup with grease and inject a proper amount of grease into the bite of the turbine and worm.

suagr melting pot
sugar melting pot

FAQ of sugar cooking pot

  • Can the jacketed pot be heated through natural gas?

Both natural gas and electricity can be used to heat the cooker.

  • Is it possible to add a lid without a stirring device?


  • Can the stirring motor be changed to 110v?


  • Is it possible to add a temperature control meter?

It is recommended to add a control box and thermocouple.

  • Is the machine made of 304 material or 316 material?

304 and 316 need to be customized.

  • How much heat transfer oil is used for 100L electric heating?

40kg. But it actually has no certain amount required. As long as the heat transfer oil is not too little, the Jacketed kettle can operate normally.

Vulnerable parts: a heating tube. It is recommended to buy a few more spare parts.
Machine steel plate thickness 3mm