Jacketed Kettle for making chili paste

chili paste jacketed kettle

Chili paste jacketed kettle can heat and cook raw chili materials into the sauce. And chili sauce can apply to many dishes, like sandwiches, soups, noodles, dumplings, and others. The Jacketed kettle has multiple usages and it is easy to operate.

What is chili paste?

Chili sauce is a paste made from hot peppers and is a common condiment on the table. There are two types: oil and water. The oil chili paste is made of sesame oil and chili. The color is bright red with a layer of sesame oil floating on it, which is easy to preserve. The water chili sauce is made of water and chili. The color is bright red. Add garlic, ginger, sugar, and salt. It can be stored for a long time and tastes more delicious. Various regions have different local flavor chili sauces.

chili paste application
chili paste application

If people make chili sauce at home, they usually put the chili in a pot, fry it until fragrant (without adding oil), grind it into powder (it can be cut with a knife as much as possible), and mince pepper (also cooked in a non-oily pot), garlic (according to the number of peppers and personal preference).
The above seasoning, garlic, and vinegar are finally put into the pot and put in oil (the amount of oil depends on the amount of chili, and it’s fine if you don’t have chili). You can also put sesame oil directly, and it will be better after heating.
After letting the oil cool, add the chili, then stir, add garlic and vinegar.
After mixing, put it in a glass bottle and take it as you eat, as a condiment for cold dishes, noodles, and stir-fries.

How to use chili paste jacketed kettle?

Chili paste jacketed kettle is made of a motor, pressure gauge, safety valve, hand wheel, support plate, and other parts. It can process chili sauce of 100L to 600L per hour and the capacity can customize according to requirements. The machine can heat through gas, electricity, oil. You can also put a stove under the pot to use it directly.

chili sauce jacketed kettle
chili sauce jacketed kettle

Workers put raw materials into the machine, start heating the pot. The heating and mixing time can be set through the control panel. After finishing production, the chili sauce jacketed kettle can tilt and empty out the chili paste.

The machine has multiple functions. Customers could choose to have the mixing and tilting parts or not. And the chili paste jacketed kettle can use in many production lines.

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