Peanut Cereal Bar Molding Machine | Groundnut Chikki Forming Machine

Peanut Cereal Bar Molding Machine

This peanut cereal bar molding machine could press, cool, and cut peanut brittle bars. It can also apply to sesame, sashimi, sunflower seeds, rice cake, and other nuts. This peanut chikki bar forming machine can be used as a single machine, or matched with a mixer, or a pillow packaging machine in a peanut brittle production line. The peanut cereal bars produced by this machine have the same size, good taste, and are clean and hygienic.

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Machine Structure of peanut cereal bar molding machine

This peanut cereal bar molding machine adopts an advanced mechanical structure, combined with the electric PLC touchscreen operating system. The peanut bar molding machine consists of 4 rollers, 3 fans, and a set of blades, including a cross blade and some slitting blades. So that production can be fully automative, reduce production costs, and improve production efficiency. The machine can realize continuous feeding, automatic flattening, and cutting. Customers could adjust the thickness of cereal bars and cut the time gap by regulating the cross blade. The whole machine could continuously produce, without manual connection during the production process, and realize fully automatic and intelligent operation.

machine structure
machine structure

Working Principle of groundnut chikki bar forming machine

The stirred peanuts and other materials are sent to the machine flattening part through the feeder for automatic flattening and pressing. And the conveyor belt brings raw materials to the automatic cutting part. According to the set requirements, cross and slitting blades work to split peanut brittle. In this process, the cooling fans cool them. And then the cut materials are sent to the next finished product packaging section through the conveyor belt for automatic packaging.

  • The cooling fans are movable.
  • The conveyor belt is made with PVC materials.
  • The cutting speed can be regulated and the length of the peanut bar can be adjusted.
peanut brittle molding machine
peanut brittle molding machine

Peanut brittle bar cutting machine application

It is suitable for the pressing and cutting of melon seed candy, peanut candy, sachima, rice candy, frozen rice candy, fried rice candy, black rice crisp, and other foods.

Features of groundnut chikki bar molding machine

  1. The main control circuit adopts an imported single-chip microcomputer, man-machine interface, frequency conversion control, and convenient and quick parameter setting. Centralized and intuitive operation, fully realizing humanized automatic operation control.
  2. The high-sensitivity electronic eye automatically and accurately tracks. The feedback information is accurate, and the deviation is very small.
  3. Stable operation, automatic shaping, conveying materials, and cutting.
  4. Simple operation and low labor intensity.
  5. Continuous production, extremely high output.
  6. The mechanical transmission system has a compact structure and a reasonable layout.
  7. The circuit is clear and clear, and there is no need for direct maintenance.

Technical Parameter

Total power380V/50HZ, 1.5kw
220/50HZ, 2.5KW
Specifications (mm)8000 (length) * 1300 (width) * 1200 (height)
Finished product weight5g-300g

Installation of peanut brittle bar molding machine


  • The peanut cereal bar molding machine should be installed indoors and avoid direct sunlight.
  • The floor of the equipment room should be paved with cement floor, and there should be a flushing water source and drainage sewer.
  • The equipment room should be well-ventilated.
  • The equipment should have the necessary lighting facilities and a 380V power supply.


  • The installation location of the peanut cereal bar molding machine should generally be close to the tap water source and convenient for operation.
  • Attention should be paid to leaving a certain space for maintenance during installation to facilitate maintenance.
  • For the parts that have been installed at the factory, re-check after unpacking, and tighten the loose parts.

Malfunction and solution

  • The control screen does not light up after turning on the power.

The power is not connected. Check the power supply.

  • Cannot cut through.

The gap between the blade and the conveyor belt is too large. Adjust the height of the blade.

  • The thickness of the press block is not uniform.

The gap between the press rollers is not proportional.

  • The single-pole rebound stopper.

The working speed is too fast and the working time is long. In this way, the single pole will not bounce back.

  • Wrong length.

Wrong number adjustment. Convert the ratio, and set the right number.

  • Long and short adjustments are not good and irregular.

The encoder ring is loose. Replace the encoder ring.