Airflow Cereal Puffing Machine | Grain Popping Machine

Airflow Cereal Puffing Machine

Airflow cereal puffing machines could process cereal bars, including peanut candy bars, rice cake, corn cake, and other grain bars. The machine is easy to operate, workers could learn to use it in a short time. The food bulking machine has a large capacity, suitable for a cereal bar production plant. Customers could also customize an airflow cereal puffing machine, or match it with other machines to form a peanut candy bar production line.

Information about granular bar

A cereal bar is a well-known snack. The snack is sweet and delicious and has the fragrance of rice and other grains. This snack is mainly made with grains, like glutinous rice, wheat, and white sugar.

Food bulking machine application
Food bulking machine application

The rice-making process first involves steaming the glutinous rice, drying it to make it the original rice grains, then mixing each 5 kg of glutinous rice with 200 grams of malt sugar into water, baking it in a pot, and then frying it with sand.

At this time, 1 grain of rice can grow to the size of 4 grains of rice (fried with lard or vegetables has the same effect, to save fat, usually use sand and stir fry), and then use saccharin, white sugar, and caramel to make syrup. Pour the rice into the syrup, add a little peanut kernel, mix well in the pot, pour it into the top box, knead it into cubes, and then cut into small pieces with a knife to prepare the product.

Airflow cereal puffing machine structure

This food bulking machine mainly consists of a hand wheel, thermometer, pressure gauge, grease cup, LPG valve, outer tank, inner tank, cover, gland switch, pin handle, backstop, bumper bracket, heating section, motor, and belt.

  • The pressure gauge and thermometer are used to detect the machine’s inner pressure and temperature.
  • The gear motor can make the tank rotate.
  • A handwheel could control the loading and unloading of raw materials.
  • This puffing tank could put grains into the barrel.
Food bulking machine details
Food bulking machine details

Working principle of grain popping machine

The airflow cereal puffing machine uses mechanical energy to convert heat energy. Usually, the unequal-distance non-standard screw system of the grain popping machine uses for extrusion. The gas in the material discharges and quickly fills with the material.

The material is subjected to the shearing force to produce backflow, which increases the pressure in the machine chamber. And then at the same time, the mechanical energy converts into heat energy through the friction of the material in the chamber so that the material becomes a gel state with flowing properties.

Airflow cereal puffing machine display
Airflow cereal puffing machine display

When the material is squeezed into the outlet, the pressure changes from high pressure to normal pressure instantaneously. And from high temperature to normal temperature instantaneously, causing water to quickly evaporate from the tissue structure.

With the friction between the stack and the chamber, the materials fully mix, squeeze, heat, glue, and gelatinize to produce organizational changes. The original structure will be destroyed, and numerous microporous structures form inside. Then through the cutting device, the puffed food is formed by cutting and cooling.

Food bulking machine application

The grain popping machine could be applied to many kinds of cereal, like barley, wheat, rice, corn, grain, peanut, millet, and other nuts.

airflow puffing machine finished products
airflow puffing machine finished products

This airflow puffing machine is used in a peanut cereal bar production line or a rice caking making plant.

Spotlights of airflow cereal puffing machine

  • Large production

This food bulking machine could process 8 to 10 kg of raw materials at a time.

  • Short heating time

It only takes 8 minutes to heat every time.

  • High Capacity

The grain popping machine could process 50 to 70 kg of products per hour.

  • Automatic operation

This machine could automatically feed and discharge. It could automatically control energy, and the lid could automatically open when it reaches the set pressure.

Grain Popping Machine
Grain Popping Machine
  • Easy to learn

The physical strength of the operator is lower because there is no need to open the cover manually, women and older persons can operate it.

Operational technical requirements are lower, and beginners can learn it in 2 days. More labor-saving, one person can operate 5-8 stations (you need to be more skilled when watching multiple stations).

  • Energy-saving

30% energy saving. Using exhaust heat to heat the air, the mixed combustion of heated air and liquefied gas can save energy (about 15 cubic meters of air is required for 1 kg of liquefied gas to burn).

  • Less noise

The automatic air puffing machine can be equipped with a sound-absorbing device, and the puffing sound interference is minimal.