The chocolate production line uses cocoa butter, cocoa powder and other raw materials to make chocolate. The chocolate production has gone through the steps of raw material mixing, fine grinding, heat preservation, molding, and packaging.
The walnut oil press machine uses hydraulic principle to press oil. It can combine with walnut processing machine, oil filter, filling machine and other machines to form a walnut oil pressing production line.
Unlike the spiral sesame oil press machine, the hydraulic sesame oil press machine uses cold pressing to extract roasted sesame seeds. It does not produce high-temperature squeezed sesame seeds, and can maintain the taste of sesame well.
The peanut oil press machine is a spiral oil press, which can form a large-scale peanut oil press production line with peanut sheller, hoist, roaster, filling machine, etc.
The peanut strip cutting machine is suitable for cutting peanuts, almonds, pine nuts and other nuts into long strips of uniform size.
The hydraulic oil press uses the pressure generated by the hydraulic oil to push the raw material forward and squeeze it. The oil press adopts pure physics and low-temperature pressing without destroying the structure of raw materials. And the oil squeezed out by this machine does not need to be filtered by an oil filter.
The screw oil press machine (spiral oil press) is suitable for pressing peanut, sesame, walnut, sunflower and other nut materials. It has two types of cold pressing and hot pressing.
The peanut kernel screening machine can divide peanuts into two levels, three levels, four levels, five levels and so on.
The peanut butter filling machine is a special machine for filling peanut butter. It has three machines with different degrees of automation. The peanut butter packaging machine can achieve quantitative and accurate packaging.
The peanut crushing machine is widely used for chopping peanuts, almonds, cashew nuts, beans and other raw materials. And it can realize the screening of peanut particles.

Nuts Process

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