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large peanut oil processing plant

A peanut oil press machine is a kind of oil pressing machine that squeezes peanuts into peanut oil. In commercial production, it can use a screw and hydraulic peanut oil expeller machine to extract peanut oil. It can not only produce oil through a single machine, it can also produce through a large-scale peanut oil production line. The automatic peanut oil processing plant mainly includes the steps of peanut shelling, roasting, oil extraction, and filling. A large-scale peanut oil production line is suitable for a large-scale peanut oil mill.

Peanut oil press machine introduction

It can adopt a screw type and hydraulic type oil extraction machine to press peanut oil.

screw peanut oil press machine

Screw type peanut oil press mainly composes of the power unit, pressing unit, and oil filtering unit. Its power unit provides power to the press unit. The filter device is mainly used for filtering the oil after pressing. The main component of the peanut oil press machine is a pressing device, which is mainly a spiral pressing bar.

screw oil press to extract peanut oil
screw oil press to extract peanut oil

When squeezing peanut oil, the strips squeeze the peanut raw materials forward. In the process of squeezing, the squeezed sticks rub against the peanuts to generate heat and squeeze the oil in the peanuts.

Hydraulic peanut oil extraction machine

The hydraulic peanut oil press machine mainly uses hydraulic oil to push the press chamber to squeeze peanuts out of oil. The peanut oil squeezed by the hydraulic oil press is relatively pure. It can also equip with an oil filter to filter oil.

hydraulic oil expeller machine

The benefits of peanut oil press machine

  • The peanut oil press adopts the row method to greatly reduce the gap of the oil line, increase the pressure of the press chamber, and increase the oil yield.
  • The commercial screw peanut oil expeller machine uses electronic temperature control technology to ensure the best temperature for the oil output rate of the press chamber.
  • For different pressing raw materials, it can produce different pressing temperatures to ensure the characteristics of the raw materials.
  • The peanut oil extraction machine can realize one-time pressing, and the thickness of the pressed oil cake can be adjusted by adjusting the pressure in the press chamber.
commercial screw oil press machine
commercial screw oil press machine
  • The peanut oil press machine is equipped with a vacuum oil filter, which can ensure the filtering while squeezing the oil, greatly improving the efficiency of the oil squeezing.
  • The oil press machine has a variety of models, and customers can choose the machine according to their own output requirements.
  • Customers can choose to equip a peanut roaster to roast peanuts to increase the oil yield of peanuts.
  • In addition, we also provide accessories for peanut oil press, customers can choose according to their needs.
peanut oil press extraction machine

Large peanut oil processing plant flowchart

The complete peanut oil extraction production line generally includes steps such as cleaning, shelling, roasting, chopping, oil extraction, filtering, and filling.


Raw peanuts with shells will contain certain impurities such as sand, stones, etc. These will wear the internal components of the oil press and even cause malfunctions and accidents. Before shelling the peanuts, we can use a peanut screening machine for screening.


For peanuts with shells, it should use the peanut sheller to crack the shells before pressing, which can improve the production efficiency and oil yield of the oil press.

peanut sheller machine
peanut sheller machine


It is an important step for roasting peanuts to increase the oil yield of peanuts. Taizy provides a peanut roasting machine and other supporting equipment to help increase the oil yield and improve work efficiency. When roasting peanuts, stir-fry the peanut kernels until they reach eight maturities. Keep the temperature at about 130 degrees and the water content is about 1 to 2%. The moisture content has a certain influence on the oil yield, the shape of the oil cake, and the color of the finished oil product.

peanut roaster machine
peanut roaster machine

Crushing peanuts(optional)

In order to ensure the smooth pressing in the peanut oil press machine and reduce the burden of the press, it can use a peanut chopper to chop the peanuts before pressing.

peanut crusher machine in Kenya
peanut crusher machine in Kenya

Extraction peanut oil

Adjust the temperature of the peanut oil press machine to 120~180℃ through the temperature control table. The heating temperature can be adjusted appropriately according to the raw material being pressed.

In addition, there is a certain relationship between the time to squeeze peanuts and the oil yield. Generally speaking, the longer the peanut oil press is pressed, the slower the oil flow and the more oil. However, the squeezing time should not be too long, otherwise, there will be more heat loss, which will affect the oil output efficiency. Therefore, under the premise of meeting the oil yield, it should shorten the pressing time as much as possible.

screw peanut oil press machine
screw peanut oil press machine

Filtering oil

The squeezed peanut oil contains certain impurities and needs an oil filter for filtering before using. The spiral peanut oil press equips with a vacuum oil filter, which can filter out impurities in peanut oil.

peanut oil filter machine
peanut oil filter machine

Filling peanut oil

The last step requires filling peanut oil with a paste filling machine. We provide customized filling machine service, no matter how much peanut oil you need to fill, we can customize the machine for you.

peanut oil filling machine
peanut oil filling machine

Automatic peanut oil production line video

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