Peanut almond crushing chopping machine

peanut crushing machine

The peanut crushing machine is also called an almond kernel crusher machine. It mainly applies for rosted and peeled peanuts for cutting and screening into into of different specifications particles . This machine can realize the shredding of raw materials in the food industry such as nuts and beans. And the size of shredded materials can be customized according to customer requirements. The peanut particles produced by the peanut chopping machine widely apply for baking, cold drinks, seasoning, and other food applications.

Peanut almond crushing machine overview

Applicable raw materials: roasted and peeled peanuts, almonds, cashews, and other nuts, pumpkin seeds, beans, wheat, and other granular and strip materials

Function: The peanut shredder machine can cut raw materials into different sizes particles, and can achieve the effect of screening.

Applicable places: It widely used in baking places, food processing plants, restaurants, cold drinks shops, and other places.

peanut chopping machine
peanut chopping machine

peanut chopping machine composition and working principle

The peanut chopping machine mainly consists of an upper hopper, a conveying device, a shredding device, and a vibration sub-machine. The shredding device mainly adopts the principle of multiple knife shredding.

The crushed peanuts chopped by the chopping device can realize the screening of the crushed peanuts of different sizes in the vibration classification part. And the screening device of the peanut crushing machine can customize in multiple grades to achieve multiple sizes of peanut crushed screening. The peanut shredder cuts evenly, with high grading standards and high yield. And it will not produce the phenomenon of squeezing out the oil, it is the most ideal equipment for cutting peanuts and other nuts.

How does the nut chopping machine work

almond kernel crushing machine
almond kernel crushing machine

The new nut crusher machine is an improved machine based on the original shredder. The crushing machine has multiple sets of blades, so it can cut the unqualified particles multiple times. Before using the machine, you need a roaster machine and a peanut peeling machine to peel peanuts. It feeds raw material by a conveyor belt, and then roasted and peeled peanuts can evenly enter the hopper. After the peanuts enter the hopper, it is roughly cut by the upper knife. Then the sieving machine will screen the first time cutting peanuts, the qualified size particles will leak out directly from the screen.

The unqualified particles are then precisely cut by the lower knife. Therefore, it can achieve a uniform cutting size. And it avoids repeated cutting of qualified particles, reducing material consumption and oil pollution. The size of the cutting knife and the size of the screen of the peanut chopper machine can customize according to requirements. By formulating a screen of the corresponding size, it can achieve precise control of the cut peanuts.

Peanut crushing machine advantages

peanut chopping machine
peanut chopping machine

1. Wide application. The almond crusher machine is suitable for cutting nuts, beans and other raw materials. And the cut peanuts have broad application scenarios. Therefore, the peanut chopper machine has a wide range of applications in the food industry.

2. The cutting size is uniform. The crushed peanuts sieved from the same level by this machine are uniform in size. Its multi-group blade cutting can realize multiple cuts of peanut pieces to ensure uniform cutting size.

3. High output. The Peanut crushing machine has many models such as small and large. The small peanut shredder is suitable for small businesses. And large peanut chopping machine is widely used in large food processing plants.

4. Multi-stage screening. It can customize the machine’s screening times and screening mesh size according to requirements. The nut crusher machine customized according to the requirements can achieve three-level, five-level screening.

Commercial nut crusher machine parameters

TZ-1 400kg/h380V0.75*2KW50HZ1.6*0.8*1.5M300KG
TZ-2600kg/h   380V4.9kw50HZ1.8*0.8*2m600kg

Large almond crushing machine

large peanut crusher machine
large peanut crusher machine

In order to meet the large-volume nut processing needs of large-scale nut processing plants, we provide a large-scale nut crushing machine. This automatic almond crushing machine is mainly composed of a feeding machine, a cutting roller, a cleaner, a secondary vibrating screen, and other machines. Its cutting principle is similar to that of small machines. It mainly uses a special disc cutter to chop peanuts and sift the cut peanuts through a secondary vibrating screen. It can ensure that the cut peanut particles are uniform, the yield is high, and the classification is clear.

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