Peanut peeling machine,peanut peeler for sale

peanut peeling machine,peanut peeler

Peanut peeling machine is specially used to remove the red skin of peanuts. There are two types of peanut skin peeler machines according to the state of peanuts. The peanut dry peeler machine applies for peeling roasted peanuts,the peanut wet peeler equipment is suitable for peeling raw peanuts. The peanut wet peeler is suitable for peeling raw peanuts. Both peanut skin peelers have the characteristics of a high peeling rate and good peeling efficiency.

Groundnut dry peeling machine

peanut dry peeling machine
peanut dry peeling machine

Dry-type peanut peeler machine adopts a roller rubbing structure to peel the roasted peanuts. And it is also suitable for peeling almonds, broad beans, soybeans and mung beans.

This machine is suitable for raw materials with skins whose moisture content is less than 5% after baking. It adopts the working principle of differential rolling friction transmission to make the roasted peanuts move and peel in the machine. After peeling, open the discharging port under the machine. The peanuts will fall from the discharging port, and the ventilation system will suck the red skin away.

Automatic peanut peeler advantages

  • The machine can separate the peanuts and red skins at one time, with a high removal rate.
  •  It has a variety of models and output, suitable for different customer needs.
  • The peanut red skin peeling machine has low investment, low energy consumption, and can keep the working environment clean and tidy.
  • The machine is made of stainless steel, with stable performance, safety, and reliability.

Technical parameters of peanut dry peeler machine

TZ-1200-300kg/hMotor Power:0.55kw
Fan power:0.37kw
Peeling rate:≥98%
TZ-2400-500kg/hMotor Power:0.55kw*2
Fan power:0.37kw
Peeling rate:≥98%
TZ-3600-800kg/hMotor Power:0.55kw*3
Fan power:0.37kw
Peeling rate:≥98%
TZ-4800-1000kg/hMotor Power:0.55kw*4
Fan power:0.37kw
Peeling rate:≥98%

Wet type peanut peeling machine

peanut wet peeling machine
peanut wet peeling machine

The wet type of peanut peeler is mainly used for peeling roasted peanuts. The machine uses rubber rollers to rub the peanuts to peel the peanuts. The peanut has a high integrity rate, white color, and protein invariance.

Working principles 

First, pour the soaked peanuts in hot water into the hopper, peanuts flow with water. Under the friction of the rubber roller, the red skin and peanut are separated automatically. The peeled peanuts flow out from the exit, and the red skins are discharged and collected.

Commercial peanut peeling machine operation video

Peanut red skin peeler parameters

Power 0.75kw(380v) 1.1KW(220v)0.75kw(380v)1.1KW(220v)
Peeling rate92%—-95%92%—-95%
Whole peanut kernel rate 85—-90%85–90%
Breaking rate 2—-3%2—-3%

Features of peanut skin peeler machine

  • Wide range of applications

It is not only suitable for peeling peanuts, but also suitable for almond,soybean,broad bean,chickpea,ect.

  • High peeling rate and high integrity

The peanut peeling machine has a high peeling rate, and the use of high-quality soft rubber roller peeling has a high integrity rate.

  • The machine has a stable structure and easy operation
  • The peeled peanuts will not deteriorate and maintain a clean white color.
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