Why do we need to peel the peanuts when making peanut butter?

peanut kernels and peanut butter

Peanut butter is a very popular product all over the world. The production of peanut butter has undergone the process of shelling, baking, peeling, grinding into paste, and packaging. These processes are necessary steps for making peanut butter. But many people consider that why is it necessary to peel peanuts? Why can’t you use unpeeled peanuts? How to use a roasted peanut peeling machine to peel?

Why do we need to peel peanuts?

Generally speaking, we can use unpeeled peanuts to make peanut butter. But the unpeeled peanuts have a bitter taste. If you make peanut butter at home, you can use unpeeled peanuts to make it.

unpeeled and peeled peanuts
unpeeled and peeled peanuts

However, it must ensure a sweet and smooth taste in commercial production. So most manufacturers need to use the roasted peanut peeling machine to peel peanut skins. And the peanuts used must also be roasted peanuts.

It will have the roasted peanut taste by using the roasted peanuts to make butter.

Types of Peanut Peeling Machine

Commercially, it needs a professional peanut peeler for mass peeling. According to the peeling peanuts types, it can divide into two types. One type is a dry peanut peeling machine. Another is the wet type of peanut peeler.

The wet peanut peeling machine applies for soaked peanuts. It can maintain the integrity of raw peanuts. While the dry peanut peeling machine is also called a roasted peanut peeling machine. It mainly applies to peeling roasted peanuts. But the machine will break their petals. Therefore, the processed peanuts by this machine are generally used to make peanut butter. Or it can use as peanut brittle to make peanut candy.

How to use a roasted peanut peeling machine to peel?

This roasted peanut peeler machine only can be used to peel roasted peanuts. The main part of the machine is the rubber roller. Feed roasted peanuts from the inlet and the machine motor will vibrate peanuts to the roller for peeling. The fan will absorb and process peanut skins. And the peanut kernels will discharge from the below port. The machine has a variety of models, and they have different outputs to choose from.

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