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peanut peeling and half cutting machine

This peanut cutting machine is the special equipment for peeling the red skin of peanuts. It has the advantages of high automation, a high rate of broken petals, low noise, and no pollution. The vacuum cleaner of this machine can suck the red skin of peanuts so that the separated peanut halves are uniform and beautiful. It is an ideal choice for the food processing industry.

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Application of peanut cutting machine

Cocoa beans, pine nuts, peanuts, and other nuts.

The peanut peeler can also match with other machines to use in a peanut butter production line.

peeler application

Working Principle of peanut skin peeling machine

The machine is composed of a feeding hopper, three rollers, two layers of vibrating screen conveyor, a centrifugal fan, and an outlet.

Three rollers inside the peeler squeeze peanuts and divide the nut into half under differential motion. During the vibration-conveying process, the detached skins are separated by a low-pressure fan.

It could remove the red skin of peanuts, cut peanuts in half, and separate the embryos.

working picture of the machine
working picture of the machine

Machine Parameter

TypePowerFan powerCapacitySizevoltage

As you can see, we have two different peanut cutting machineĀ for you to choose from. The size of the machine, fan power, and voltage are the same, but the difference is the output. One is 500-600 kg / h and the other is 1000 kg / h. You can choose according to your needs. If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time, and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

Advantages of three roller peanut peeling machine

  • Multi-functions

The peanut half parting machine has three effects: peeling, cutting half, removing embryos. So the processed peanuts could produce better peanut butter, with no bitterness flavor for the embryo may damage the taste of peanut butter.

  • Large output

We provide 500kg and 1000kg peanut peeling machines. And customers could also make a specific output.

  • Wide application

The peanut red skin peeling machine could be used as a single machine or in a production line. It is also an important machine in the cocoa bean processing line.

Operation Precautions of dry peanut cutting machine

  1. Before starting the machine, check whether the circuit is normal and whether the components are loose or abnormal.
  2. The processed peanuts must not contain stones and other debris.
  3. Adjust the insert plate of the upper hopper a suitable position, and conmtrol the speed of the unloading to ensure the peeling effect of the equipment.
  4. Control the gap between the three rubber rollers appropriately according to the size of peanuts, so as to prevent the peeling rate from reducing when the gap is too large. If the gap is too small, the finished product is too fine. Generally, the gap between the upper and middle rollers is 8-10 mm, and the gap between the middle and lower rollers is 5-8 mm.
  5. Start the fan, the three rollers squeeze peanuts to remove the skin. And the centrifugal fan sucks out the broken skin.
  6. After finishing each operation, clean the oil on the equipment to ensure the sanitary quality of the half-grain.
peanut half cutting machine
peanut half cutting machine

Machine Maintenance

  • Frequently check the circuit control system, whether the rotating system is normal, and whether the fastening bolts are loose. The parts to be lubricated should be filled with oil frequently.
  • The inside of the rubber roller box should be cleaned regularly and attention to hygiene. The three rollers are replaced every three years.
  • The inside of the suction fan should be cleaned frequently to ensure smooth suction and dust suction.