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peanut butter maker machine

The peanut butter maker machine is also called the nut liquor grinding machine. It adopts a special design to apply widely in grinding peanuts, almonds, cocoa beans, and other raw materials. It grinds peanuts into a sauce-like substance through the friction and shear forces generated by the high-speed rotation between the grinding teeth. It can achieve finer fineness by increasing the grinding times. The peanut butter machine. It has various forms such as vertical, horizontal, and split. And cocoa liquor grinding machine has a variety of output options. It is not only suitable for independent merchants, and small peanut butter manufacturers, but also for large peanut butter production plants.

Peanut butter making machine running video

Applied material for peanut butter maker machine

The peanut butter machine is suitable for grinding a variety of raw materials. The nut butter grinder machine can grind solid or fluid materials into sauce-like materials with very small fineness. It widely applies in grinding food materials such as peanuts, almonds, pigskin, peppers, tomatoes, sesame seeds, bone meal, etc.

peanut butter maker application
peanut butter maker application

In addition, it can also be used for homogenization, emulsification, crushing, and grinding of chemicals, ceramic, and nanomaterials.

Peanut butter machine models

According to the different raw materials, the peanut butter maker also has vertical, horizontal, split, and other models. We also provide a peanut butter combination machine, which can grind peanut butter twice or three times at one time. This machine is generally suitable for automatic peanut butter production lines. In addition, the prices of different models of peanut butter machines are also different. If you want to know the specific price of the peanut butter grinding machine, welcome to contact us.

peanut butter machine models
peanut butter machine models

Peanut butter maker structure

The peanut butter making machine is mainly composed of a hopper, an adjustment handle, a hood, a discharge port, a motor, and a non-slip base.

peanut butter making machine structure
peanut butter making machine structure

The adjustment handle is mainly used to adjust the fineness of ground peanut butter. If you make fine peanut butter, you can adjust the adjustment handle. The water inlet connects the water pipe to prevent high-speed rotating friction from generating a lot of heat and damaging the machine.

Working principle of nut butter grinder machine

The main components of the machine are the stator and rotor. The two grinding parts are distributed around the adjustment handle. The adjustment handle can adjust the distance between the two grinding parts. By controlling the distance between the stator and the rotor, it can grind into peanut butter with different fineness.

machine accessories
machine accessories

When the peanut passes through the gap between the stator and the rotor, the shear and friction generated by the high-speed rotation of the rotor crush the peanuts. The tooth profile of the grinding disc will be different for grinding different raw materials. The grinding plates of the peanut butter maker are all made of stainless steel.

Peanut butter making machine characteristics

  • The peanut butter machine is composed of food-grade materials, which have the characteristics of corrosion resistance and long service life. And we support customized machines made of carbon steel, 304 stainless steel, and other materials for customers.
  • High discharge fineness
    The high-speed rotation of the nut butter grinder machine produces huge friction and shear force to ensure the fineness of ground peanut butter. You can achieve finer peanut butter fineness by adjusting the control handle and multiple grinding.
  • High production efficiency
    The cocoa nibs grinding machine has a variety of models. The production output is 5kg/h-25t/h, which can meet the needs of many customers.
  • Simple structure and small footprint
    The peanut butter machine is simple in the model and small in size.

Peanut butter maker parameters

Material processing fineness(μm)2-50
Capacity(t/h)(depends on material)0.005-0.030.1-0.50.3-1.20.4-2.00.8-6.04.0-126.0-25
Motor Power(KW)1.5/1.147.511/1518.5/2237/4575/90
 Speed (m/min)2820286029002930293029702970
Rotor diameter(mm)5080110130180240300
SizeLength(mm) 7507501000110013191440
Width(mm) 430430500500  
 Height(mm) 500550570600  
Weight(kg) 110130220300 

Precautions for using the peanut butter making machine

Before using the machine

Before using the peanut butter grinding machine for making cocoa liquor, check whether the fastening bolts are tightened. And use a wrench to turn the rotor to check whether the rotor is stuck. If the rotor is not tightened, can not operate the machine.

Connect the cooling water connector to the equipment and connect the inlet and outlet water. The cooling water pipe can use a plastic hose with a diameter of φ10 mm. This approach is to prevent friction from generating a lot of heat and damaging the machine during grinding.

Finally, you can put in some peanuts for trial grinding to determine the fineness of ground peanuts. Rotate the adjustment handle clockwise, the gap between the stator and rotor becomes smaller. And the particle size of the material becomes finer. Rotate the adjustment handle counterclockwise, the gap between the stator and rotor becomes larger. Then the particle size of the material becomes coarser.

the machine can be used to make cocoa liquor
the machine can be used to make cocoa liquor

During use

The peanut butter making machine is not suitable for processing dry solid materials, only wet processing.

The feed size should be less than 1mm. Materials should be cleared of debris before entering the equipment. Hard objects such as iron and gravel particles are strictly prohibited from entering the equipment to prevent damage to the machine.

If the first grinding does not reach the desired fineness, you can perform two or more grindings.

After using the nut grinder machine

After using the peanut butter machine each time, you should clean it with water. And please clean the machine while the machine is running.

If the nut grinder machine will not use for a short period of time, it is best to use high-pressure air to dry it to prevent corrosion.

In order to meet customers’ commercial peanut butter production needs, we also provide peanut roasting machines, peanut peeling machines, peanut butter canning machines, and other machines. These machines can form a small peanut butter production line with a production efficiency range of 50-300kg/h. It is very suitable for small peanut butter manufacturers.