Commercial peanut butter grinder machine for making chili paste

commercial peanut butter grinder

A commercial peanut butter grinder could process all nut butter, like peanut butter, almond butter, and chili paste. It could produce high-quality butter. And it is easy to clean the machine. Customers could also use this machine in a peanut butter production line.

Commercial peanut butter grinder machine details

This peanut butter grinder machine mainly includes a stainless steel hopper, adjust disk, stainless steel cooling water pipe fittings, stainless steel discharge port, high hardness heavier base, pure copper motor, fixed rotor.

The adjust disk could change the fineness of peanut butter. And for this grinder machine could grind raw materials twice, the finished butter is finer.

commercial peanut butter grinder machine structure
commercial peanut butter grinder machine structure

Technical specification of peanut butter making machine

There are multiple models of peanut butter colloid mill. And the capacity ranges from 50kg to 1000kg per hour. Customers could also customize a suitable machine output according to their demands.

peanut butter grinder parameter
peanut butter grinder parameter

Finished products of chili paste making machine

This colloid mill could produce peanut butter, almond butter, chili paste, and other nut butter. And the finished butter could be packaged into bottles after cooling. But for the cleaning operation, there are some differences.

After grinding nut butter, workers should use oil to clean the inner side of the mill. And for chili grinding, they only need to use water to clean the grinder. Customers should also pay attention to the temperature. After grinding, the butter is 80-85℃. Packaging should be made after the butter is cooled to 50-60℃.

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