What is the Peanut Butter Production Process?

peanut butter production line

Peanut butter production is a topic of great concern to many peanut products practitioners. Because peanut butter accounts for the largest proportion of peanut products in the world, it is necessary to understand the production of peanut butter in order to make high-quality peanut butter. Next, we will tell you the peanut butter making process.


How is peanut butter produced?


If you want to produce peanut butter, roasting the peanuts is the first step. Dry roasting is the process of heating dry food without using oil or water. During roasting, the peanuts are continuously rolled in the peanut roasting machine. This action can allow the nuts to roast evenly. Taizy’s peanut roasting machine has electric, gas, and electromagnetic heating methods, you can choose according to your own needs. Peanuts roasted with our machine will not destroy the integrity of the peanut granules. In addition, the peanut butter maker has an intelligent control panel, which can automatically control the time and temperature of peanut roasting.



In order to get to the next step of peanut butter production faster. The roasted peanuts need to be cooled. The peanut cooler played a big role at this time. The upper fan of the stainless steel cooler can blow downward, and the lower fan can draw air sideways. This design can accelerate cooling and control dust.


We all know that peanut beans have a red coating on the outside. Peanut butter made without peeling will greatly affect the taste of peanut butter. So to get the best tasting peanut butter, peeling the peanuts is one of the most important steps. In peanut butter making process, we need a high-quality peanut half cutting machine to remove the peanut coating. And this peanut processing machine not only removes the coating from the peanuts but also cuts the peanuts in half and separates the embryos. The reason for removing the embryos is that the bitter taste of the embryos affects the taste of peanut butter.



The next step is the most important step in the whole peanut butter production – grinding. Here we need to use peanut butter grinder, which is widely used to grind all kinds of nuts into butter, such as sesame, walnut, and other nuts. The peanut butter grinding machine has a return pipe to prevent the grinding from being fine enough after the first grinding, so as to facilitate the second grinding. After grinding twice, you can get peanut butter with 120 mesh – 150 mesh fineness.



Finally, we need to fill and put the peanut butter into a bottle. This is a semi-automatic peanut butter filling machine. We also have a full-automatic filling machine for you to choose from. With the help of a peanut butter packer, you can pour the peanut butter into the bottle easily. In addition, we can fill different yields of peanut butter according to your requirements.


Characteristics of peanut butter production line

  • All peanut butter making machines are made of food machinery materials, which fully meet the food safety and hygiene standards
  • Made of stainless steel, the quality of the peanut butter production machine is reliable
  • Flow production, high degree of mechanization
  • Simple disassembly and easy cleaning
  • The specific peanut butter making process and capacity can be customized according to customer requirements
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