What is the Price of Peanut Butter Production Line?

complete peanut butter processing line

With the growth of peanut butter consumption, the overall growth rate of the peanut butter processing industry has also increased. Many friends want to engage in the peanut butter industry. But they don’t know how to start, what kind of peanut processing equipment should you prepare and how much the investment budget is. Today, we will introduce the peanut butter production process and the price of peanut butter production line.

How is peanut butter made in a factory?

As professional peanut butter processing machine suppliers, we will introduce the production process of peanut butter in detail


Use the color separator to select the unqualified peanuts with cracks and mildew.


Next, the peanut roaster needs to bake the peanuts evenly.

peanut roaster machine
peanut roaster machine


The temperature of roasted peanuts is very high, which requires a cooler to extract the hot gas from the peanuts and cool the roasted peanuts.


Put the dried and roasted peanuts into the peanut peeling machine for peeling. During the peeling process, the peanut epidermis will be separated automatically.

peanut peeling machine in peanut butter production line
peanut peeling machine in peanut butter production line


Then enter the most important link in the peanut butter production process – grinding. The peanut butter press machine will grind the peanuts to turn the peanuts into 300 mesh peanut butter.

commercial peanut butter grinder machine structure
commercial peanut butter grinder machine structure


The mixing tank can heat the peanut butter to 60-70 ℃. Generally speaking, most peanut butter suppliers will add 2% monoglyceride and 1% ~ 5% soybean protein powder into the mixing tank to homogenize and emulsify peanut butter.

peanut butter mix tank
peanut butter mix tank


Before filling, the peanut butter needs to be degassed in a vacuum tank for a longer shelf life


Finally, the peanut butter needs to be filled and packaged with a peanut packaging machine.

The cost of peanut butter production line

According to different production needs, output and automation, the core equipment of the peanut butter production line can be freely matched. Therefore, the price of peanut butter production line is also different with different configurations. This means that budgets range from thousands to tens of thousands.
The peanut butter production line developed by our Taizy machinery adopts flow operation. Therefore, it has a high degree of mechanization and good reliability. It is the equipment for producing stable peanut butter. Moreover, it has the characteristics of simple operation, stable operation, low noise, easy maintenance, corrosion resistance and wide application. If you have any questions about the peanut butter production line, please contact us. Our technicians will get in touch with you and provide all-around services for your investment.

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