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peanut butter filling machine

The peanut butter filling machine is mainly used for packaging peanut butter commercially. The paste filler machine is mainly used to fill bottled peanut butter. As a peanut butter processing machine manufacturers, Taizy mainly provides three types of peanut butter packaging machines. They are semi-automatic horizontal, vertical, and automatic butter filling machine. Semi-automatic horizontal and vertical paste filler machines can be used in the semi-automatic peanut butter production line. An automatic peanut butter production line generally uses an automatic peanut butter filling machine.

Manual peanut butter filling machine

The manual horizontal filling machine is a pneumatic machine. It is suitable for packing materials with low viscosity such as peanut butter and ketchup. The pneumatic horizontal peanut butter filling machine drives the piston to move through the cylinder, and the piston extracts and ejects the flowing material for filling. By controlling the pneumatic valve to control the stroke of the cylinder, it can also adjust the amount and speed of filling peanuts.

Semi-automatic peanut butter jar filling machine structure

peanut butter filling machine structure
peanut butter filling machine structure

Features of horizontal paste filling machine

1. The semi-automatic horizontal filling machine has a large filling volume, and its range can reach 10-5000ml.

2. The whole machine is made of stainless steel, which has the characteristics of being wear-resistant.

3. The piston-cylinder adopts tetrafluoroethylene, which has a good sealing performance. It also has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance, not easy to deform, and good life.

4. The buckle of the machine is detachable, which is convenient for cleaning, time-saving and labor-saving. Therefore, it also has the diversity of canned food. It can fill honey, fruit juice, cooking oil, cream, peanut butter, ketchup and other products.

5. The stainless steel outlet has the characteristics of stable filling and anti-drip.

6. It uses a larger cylinder, with a large filling capacity, stable air pressure, and durability.

Semi-automatic vertical butter filler machine

vertical peanut butter filler machine
vertical peanut butter filler machine

In peanut butter production, the vertical machine is also a frequently used machine. It has the characteristics of large packing capacity, accurate packaging, simple structure and easy operation.

Vertical paste packaging machine structure

The vertical bottled peanut butter filling machine is mainly composed of hopper, filling head, air source switch, foot switch, control panel and other structures.

peanut butter packaging machine structure
peanut butter packaging machine structure

The hopper is used to hold filled peanut butter.

The filling head is used to connect the glass bottle and fill the peanut butter into the bottle.

Its air source switch connects to the air source device, which can drive the cylinder to move, then pushes the peanut butter for filling.

The footswitch controls the amount of peanut butter extruded from the filling head.

The control panel mainly displays data such as suction speed, discharge speed, and pressure gauge.


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Vertical peanut butter packaging machine installation and debugging

1. Install the hopper above the rotary valve and tighten the lock at the connection between the two.

2. Install the filling head, connect the head to one end of the rotary valve, and lock the two.

3. Install the workbench under the filling head and tighten with screws

4. After connecting the above components, connect the air source and turn on the air source switch.

peanut butter packaging machine
peanut butter packaging machine

5. Switch the working state to the manual state, use the footswitch to control the amount of peanut butter.

6. Control the feeding and discharging speed of peanut butter at the control panel of peanut butter filler machine. Select an appropriate filling speed through debugging. Note that the speed should not be too fast. Too fast  speed will cause materials or bubbles to rush out of the bottle mouth and affect the filling quality.

7. When adjusting the filling volume, turn the adjusting weight handwheel, the digital meter above will display the volume, which can be adjusted according to the required volume.

8. If you need to adjust the pressure, you need to pull up the pressure regulating filter button, and press the button after the pressure gauge rotates to the required pressure.

Fully automatic paste butter filling equipment

automatic butter packaging machine
automatic butter packaging machine

The automatic butter filler machine is suitable for use in large peanut butter production plants. It is widely used for filling paste-like materials. There is a variety of filling volumes to choose from. The machine adopts PLC and servo motor control, which integrates electricity and pneumatics. It is made of internationally renowned brands and has the characteristics of stable almonds, wide applicability, and convenient operation and maintenance.

Automatic peanut butter filler machine composition

peanut butter filling machine filling nozzle

The filling nozzle adopts independent method. It uses a single cylinder to drive a single piston to extract peanut butter into the metering cylinder. Then push the peanut butter into the bottle through the material tube. It can control the filling volume by adjusting the stroke of the cylinder.

paste filling pneumatic device

It adopts the pneumatic method, it is suitable for packing a variety of materials. When packaging different materials, there is no need to change bottles of different specifications and shapes. There is no gap between the pipe joints and has the function of preventing dripping. Each tube is individually controlled.

The PLC intelligent control panel controls the operation, which makes it easier to adjust the filling speed and volume. It can intelligently control the parameter, if there is a filling space, it will automatically skip this space. The nozzle equips with an anti-drip device to ensure no wire drawing or dripping during filling.

servo motor

Use well-known brand servo motors to control the operation of the entire machine. Therefore, the automatic peanut butter filler machine runs stably, the machine runs the judges, and the failure rate is low.

Automatic peanut butter filling machine running video

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