How does the cocoa bean peeling machine work?

cocoa bean peeling machine

Cocoa bean peeling machine work is an important step in the cocoa bean processing line. It has the advantages of a high degree of automation, high peeling rate, low noise, and no pollution. The vacuum cleaner of this machine can suck off the peeled cocoa shells, so that the separated cocoa nibs are uniform and beautiful, and consume less material. It is an ideal choice for the food processing industry. So it is necessary to learn about how cocoa bean peeling machine work.


Power: 2.2KW

Fan power: 2.2KW

Output: 1000kg/h

Size: 2000x1100x2100mm

Installation of cocoa bean peeling machine

Place the peeler smoothly and keep it level.

Connect the discharge port to the receiving hopper, turn on the power to see if it is rotating in the forward direction.

If there are no other abnormalities, you can use it after adjustment.

cocoa bean peeling machine
cocoa bean peeling machine

Method of operation: details of how to peel cocoa bean

1. Before starting the machine, check whether the circuit is normal and whether the parts are loose or abnormal.

2. The processed cocoa materials must not contain stones and other debris.

3. Adjust the insert plate of the upper hopper to an appropriate position to control the speed of unloading to ensure the peeling effect of the equipment.

4. The gap between the three rubber rollers should be adjusted appropriately according to the size of the cocoa, so as to prevent the peeling rate from being reduced when the gap is too large, or the finished product is too fine when the gap is too small. Generally, the gap between the upper and middle rollers is 8-10 mm, and the gap between the middle and lower rollers is 5-8 mm.

5. Start the fan, the outer skin shell can be pressed through the extrusion mechanism, and the centrifugal fan sucks out the broken skin. After each shift is completed, clean the oil on the half-grain equipment to ensure the sanitary quality of the half-grain.

Maintenance and repair

1. Check the circuit control system frequently. Whether the rotating system is normal, whether the adjustments and fastening bolts are loose. And add lubrication regularly.

2. Clean inside of the rubber roller box regularly and pay attention to hygiene.

3. Clean the inside of the suction fan frequently to ensure smooth suction and dust suction.

Requirements for raw materials

1. Cool and peel the baked raw materials in time. If there are stored materials, the moisture content of regaining must be less than 4% before peeling.

2. After the raw materials are out of the oven, cool thoroughly and keep the temperature at room temperature.

3. There is no debris such as stones to prevent damage to the rubber roller.

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