The Importance of Venezuelan Cocoa in the World Market

cocoa bean in chocolate manufacturing process

Venezuelan cocoa powder is considered to be the best in the world. It occupies the best major position in commerce because of its wide range of flavors, unique aroma, and exquisite product quality. The main characteristics of Venezuelan cacao are its geographical location, climate, and Creole genetics of cultivation.

It has been said that Venezuelan cocoa beans are the best in the world. Indeed, Venezuela is the cradle of the best cacao, and therefore the chocolate made from Venezuelan cacao is the best chocolate

venezuelan cocoa beans
venezuelan cocoa beans

The process of going from cacao to chocolate

If you want to make chocolate, first we need to extract the pulp of the Malacané seed from the cacao tree. And then place it in some drawers specially designed for fermentation processing. Then wait for anywhere from 3 to 7 days. After that, the cocoa beans are put into cocoa bean drying equipment. Next, the beans are sent to the processing line. Then we use a cocoa bean cleaning machine, a cocoa bean roaster, and a cocoa bean peeler to process the cocoa beans. Next, we place the beans in a cocoa bean grinder to obtain a cocoa paste. Finally we put the cocoa paste in a press to produce cocoa butter.

cocoa paste production line
cocoa paste production line

If you want to get cocoa powder then you need a cocoa powder machine to help you. Because the cocoa powder has countless uses in bakeries, cookies, the tobacco industry, etc.
After this process, you can mix these ingredients with other processing ingredients such as milk powder, sugar, emulsifiers (e.g. lecithin), and flavoring agents (e.g. vanilla).
After these working steps, you can obtain one of the three main varieties of chocolate, dark or bitter chocolate. It contains cocoa paste, butter, sugar, and flavoring. Milk chocolate can be obtained by adding milk to the mixture, or white chocolate if the cocoa solids are removed from the product and only butter is added.


These are some of the knowledge of making chocolate from Venezuelan cocoa. If you have something you want to know, welcome to tell us in the comments~

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