cocoa powder making machine for grinding cocoa beans

chocolate power making machine

The cocoa powder making machine is also named cocoa powder grinding machine. It can grind grains, spices, yam, and other solid raw materials into a uniform powder. The cocoa powder grinding machine has a variety of models. It can replace screens with different grinding fineness to achieve the ideal grinding fineness effect. The cocoa powder making equipment is made of all 304 stainless steel. The cocoa powder has uniform fineness, and it is the most important machine for making cocoa powder.

cocoa bean grinder machine application
cocoa bean grinder machine application

Cocoa powder making machine working principle

The cocoa bean grinding machine grinds cocoa beans by the relative movement between the movable and fixed gears of the grinder. When grinding, the cocoa beans are crushed by the shear and friction generated by the relative movement of the two. The machine can grind into powders of different sizes by replacing the different sizes of grinders.

Cocoa powder grinding machine structure

As shown in the figure below, the cocoa powder making equipment is mainly composed of a hopper, unloading adjustment button, motor switch, grinding disk, discharge port and other main components.

cocoa power grinding machine structure
cocoa power grinding machine structure

The feeding adjustment button can control the feeding speed. The movable chainring and the fixed chainring are at the position of the chainring. This part is the most important part of the cocoa powder pulverizer machine. The cocoa beans are also crushed in this part.

How to use cocoa bean grinding machine

First, pour the cocoa beans into the hopper. Before turning on the power, adjust the feeding button to control the feeding speed. When grinding cocoa beans for the first time, adjust a little bit big gap. When grinding the coarse cocoa powder for the second time, adjust a little gap to discharge cocoa powder slowly.

cocoa power grinding machine
cocoa power grinding machine

After adjusting the button, turn on the power to grind. The cocoa beans enter the fixed chainring and the movable chainring for grinding. Under the action between the two toothed discs, the cocoa beans are ground into cocoa powder. The ground cocoa powder is discharged from the discharge port below.

Observe the fineness of the cocoa powder after grinding. If it does not reach the desired fineness, you can get a second grinding. When grinding for the second time, you should tighten the nut.

How to install, check cocoa bean grinder machine

  1. Before using the cocoa powder pulverizer machine, check whether the door is tightly closed. When closing the door, tighten the handwheel and positioning bolts.
  2. When installing the machine, turn on the power first. Then check whether the rotation direction of the motor is in the direction indicated by the arrow when the cocoa powder making machine is idling. If the direction is opposite, adjust the wiring of the motor junction box in time.
  3. In the case of the motor rotating in the correct direction, check the lubrication condition at idle and add lubricating oil in time. After using for a period of time, check and replenish lubricating oil regularly.
  4. Before grinding cocoa beans, the cocoa bean grinding machine should be idle for several minutes. Then you can add cocoa beans slowly and evenly.
  5. If there are huge vibration and noise during the operation of the machine, please shut down for inspection in time.
cocoa bean grinding machine grinding part
cocoa bean grinding machine grinding part

Note: Do not use cocoa powder grinder for grinding smash metals and other materials that are particularly strong and high in viscosity. It will generate dust when grinding. Please prepare a bag to collect cocoa powder to avoid waste.

FAQ of a cocoa powder making machine

What materials is the cocoa powder milling machine suitable for grinding?

Solid raw materials such as cereals, seasonings, medicines, etc.

What is the fineness of the finished product?

Generally 10-120 mesh, if there are special fineness requirements, we can customize.

What is the cocoa powder making machine material?

All 304 stainless steel

Can you change the machine voltage for me?

Yes, we can change the grinder machine voltage according to the customer’s local voltage to adapt to the customer’s local voltage situation.

What is the output of the mill?

We have many capacities for the machine, you can choose the appropriate output according to your needs.