How to roast cocoa beans? Automatic Roasting Machine

cocoa bean roasting machine

The cocoa bean roasting machine is a new type of high-efficiency and energy-saving machine, which has the advantages of low power consumption, low operating cost, long service life, simple operation, and maintenance, etc., It can apply to bake all kinds of nuts. If you want to roast cocoa beans, then you need this machine.

The continuous cocoa bean roasting machine is an important step of the cocoa bean processing line.

Technical parameter

  • Dimension: 4500×2900×1750
  • Motor power: 5.5kw
  • Electric furnace power: 112.5kw
  • Output: 500kg/h
  • Temperature: 0-300 degrees

Precautions for operation and use: details about how to roast cocoa beans

  • Check power supply and transmission parts.

Then press the forward button to make the rotating cage idling for 3-5 minutes. When everything is normal, turn on the furnace temperature switch to increase the temperature. During the heating process, the rotating cage cannot stop rotating to prevent high-temperature deformation.

Put 100 kg of cocoa beans in each drum each time.

  • Change raw materials.

For the different moisture content, you should bake 1-2 ovens first and get the data before they can be put into production in batches.

In the process of roasting cocoa beans, take about 45 minutes to take a sample from the tumble oven to check the heat. If the fire has arrived, open the material door. Press the counter-rotating button to make the object flow out automatically. Then press the forward button to continue to charge the charge, and so on for production.

  • Turn off the temperature control switch at last.

The rotating cage can not stop until the furnace temperature drops to about 50 degrees. To prevent it from standing still at high temperatures and being deformed by heat.

Maintenance and maintenance

  • Before roasting cocoa beans, check whether the electric control system of the cage is normal. Whether the bolts of the rotating part are loose, whether the thermocouple pointer or the digital display is flexible. If it is intact, it can be turned on.
  • Check the reducer and bearings of the rotary cage furnace on time. Inject gear oil and grease to prevent damage due to lack of oil.
  • Check the drawer at the bottom of the cage in time. Remove the accumulated dust, slag and other debris to prevent smoke and fire from contaminating the to-be-baked.
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