Cocoa Bean Processing Equipment | from cocoa pod to cocoa nibs

cocoa bean processing machine

Cocoa bean processing equipment includes a roasting machine, conveyor belt, cooling belt, peeling machine, elevator, roller classifier, etc. These cocoa bean processing machines can process cocoa beans into cocoa nibs, which are the processing line of cocoa powder, chocolate, and snack making.

With the characteristics of a high degree of automation, simple operation, stable performance, and high product quality, the production line is an ideal choice for cocoa nibs processing.

Operation Video of cocoa bean processing equipment

cocoa bean production line

Working flow of cocoa bean processing plant

This plant consists of roasting, cooling, peeling, and classifying steps. The raw materials of this plant are fermented cocoa beans. After cocoa pods are picked from the trees, farmers need to use a cocoa pod cracking machine to break them. And the cocoa beans inside the shell are sticky. So these cocoa beans need to be fermented and sun-dried before further processing.

cocoa bean processing
cocoa bean processing process

Cacao roasting equipment

cocoa bean roasting machine
  • Dimension: 4.5m×2.9m×1.75m
  • Motor power: 5.5kw
  • Electric furnace power: 112.5kw
  • Output: 500kg/h
  • Temperature: 0-300 degrees

The electric cocoa bean roasting machine is a new type of high-efficiency and energy-saving cocoa bean processing equipment developed by Taizy Machinery based on the company’s many years of production experience. This cacao roasting equipment mainly applies in the food processing industry, beans, and nuts, such as peanuts, almonds, chestnuts, broad beans, etc. to reduce moisture to dry and roast cooked products.

cocoa roaster machine
cocoa roaster machine

This Cocoa bean processing equipment uses an electric heating tube as a heat source, adopts a rotary rolling cage, heat conduction, and heat radiation principle, and is equipped with an automatic temperature control device. Use hot air as a drying medium, and apply heat energy to the raw materials.

The roasted object is continuously advanced by the propelling device in the cage, forming an uninterrupted cycle, so that it is heated evenly, and the roasting quality is effectively guaranteed. 

Conveyor belt before the roasting machine

The conveyor belt is a cocoa bean processing equipment fixed on the front of the toaster. So after cocoa beans are roasted, it can conveyors the beans into the cooling belt. During the baking process. There is no need to start the conveyor belt in front of the furnace.

When the baking machine is discharged, it is opened in advance. It can be closed after the conveying is completed. Long-term use will cause the bearings and chains to be short of oil. Appropriate addition of lubricating grease can reduce wear.

  • Size: 10mx0.7mx1.5m
  • Power: 1.5kw
  • Speed: 14m/min

The conveyor belt adopts a square tube welded ladder-type bracket, greatly enhancing the carrying strength. It has a stainless steel mesh belt surface. Cooperating with the baffle, it can realize lifting and conveying. It has the characteristics of small size and high conveying efficiency.

Cooling zone

cocoa bean cooling zone
  • Dimension: 13mx1.2mx2.6m
  • Conveyor power: 1.5kw
  • Cooling blower power: 0.55kwx6
  • Cooling suction fan power: 2.2kwx4

The cooling zoon is connected to the conveyor belt in front of the furnace. The transmission motor adopts an electromagnetic speed-regulating motor. According to the discharging characteristics of intermittent baking, the material on the uniform mesh surface can be conveyed at a high speed, and then the temperature is quickly cooled down after a period of static. Finally, the material is slowly conveyed with the speed of the subsequent peeling processing equipment.

The cooling belt adopts a square tube welded ladder-type bracket, greatly enhancing the carrying strength. The permeability of the stainless steel mesh belt surface, combined with the air blowing and negative pressure suction of multiple fans, makes the room temperature wind penetrate the material layer and carry away the residual heat of the material, resulting in effective cooling.

Note: For the electromagnetic speed control motor, the pointer of the governor must be restored to the zero position after the machine is turned off. So that it will not burn the governor the next time it is turned on. 

Cocoa Bean Peeling Machine

cocoa bean peeling machine
  • Power: 2.2kw
  • Fan power: 2.2kw
  • Output: 1000kg/h
  • Size: 2mx1.1mx2.1m

This machine is the special cocoa bean processing equipment for peeling cocoa beans, peanuts, and other nuts. It has the advantages of a high degree of automation, a high peeling rate, low noise, no pollution, etc. The vacuum cleaner of this machine can suck off the peeled cocoa shell so that the separated cocoa nibs are uniform and beautiful. Less material consumption It is an ideal choice for the food processing industry.

The raw material is squeezed by three rubber rollers and divided in half by differential motion. During the vibration-conveying process, the detached skins are separated by a low-pressure fan. 


Spiral Elevator

cocoa bean elevator
  • Size: 2.6Mx0.88mx2.5m
  • Power: 0.75kw
  • Transport volume: 1000kg/h

The stainless steel screw elevator is composed of a hopper, a conveying tube, a screw auger, and a transmission motor, all made of stainless steel, and suitable for granular and powdered food. The material in the hopper enters the bobbin through the inlet lower than the connection with the bobbin, passes through the high-speed rotation of the spiral blades, and moves upward along the customs clearance to achieve the purpose of lifting. 

Cocoa Bean Sorting and Grading Machine

cocoa bean grading machine
  • Size: 4mx0.8mx1.3m
  • Diameter: 600mm
  • Power: 0.75kw
  • Output: 1000kg/h

The drum classifier is composed of a sieve bucket, a supporting device, a collecting hopper, a transmission device, and a frame. The meshes on the sieve barrel are arranged in order from small to large. The sieve bucket is inclined at a certain angle. When the sieve bucket rotates, the material rolls in the direction of the outlet. It can fall out through the appropriate sieve.

This classifying machine can also be applied to cocoa nibs, peanuts, pine nuts, and other nuts.

The size and shape of the screen mesh can be determined according to the user’s specific requirements, and the materials are classified from small to large. It is suitable for grading round materials such as nuts, mushrooms, horseshoes, grapes, etc. according to different sizes and specifications, and the grade is 4-5.

After the processing steps, cocoa beans could enter the next cocoa powder production line or be packaged into bags.

What Is the Price of Cocoa Bean Processing Equipment?

The price of cocoa bean processing equipment varies depending on several factors, including the type of equipment, the capacity of the equipment, and the quality of the materials used. In general, cocoa bean processing equipment can range in price from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.

The capacity of the equipment is also a major factor in determining the price. For example, a small-scale cocoa bean roaster with a capacity of 100 kilograms per hour will be less expensive than a large-scale roaster with a capacity of 1,000 kilograms per hour.

Finally, the quality of the materials used in the construction of the equipment will also affect the price. For example, a cocoa bean roaster made from stainless steel will be more expensive than a roaster made from aluminum.

It is also important to consider the factors listed above when making your decision.

Advantages of cocoa bean processing machines

  • Simple automatic operation

These cocoa bean processing equipment can connect to form an automatic production line, and workers can easily process cocoa beans.

  • Large output

Every roasting oven can process roughly 100kg of raw materials per hour. And it usually connects 5 or more ovens to be a large roasting machine.

  • Convenience

The cocoa nibs processed by this production line can be packed to sell or be the raw materials of cocoa powder making.

  • Energy-saving and safety

Compared with other manufacturers’ cocoa bean processing equipment, our machine does not need too much energy consumption in the production process. Specifically, you can refer to our parameter table. The automated design is also safer.