Coated Peanut Swing Oven | Cashew Roasting Machine

coated peanut swing oven

This coated peanut swing oven could roast cashew nuts, coated peanuts, cocoa beans, and other nuts. This oven can match with other machines to form a cashew nut processing plant and a coated peanut production line. The cashew nuts and coated peanuts baked by this machine are delicious and crispy, suitable for bakery shops, restaurants, snack rooms, and home use.

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Introduction of Coated peanut swing oven

This coated peanut swing oven adopts a plane rotary stirring function, mainly used for processing coated nuts. The oven box and internal whirling sieve are made of stainless steel. And the stove has high productivity, a low crushing rate, and no pollution. So it is ideal processing equipment for roasting Japanese beans, pistachios, and other granular foods.

Cashew roasting machine Working Principle

The coated cashew swing roasting oven can heat through electricity, and gas, which creates heat and directly applies to peanuts through heat radiation. During the whole baking process, the granular food and the swirling sieve rotate together to heat evenly, achieving the desired baking effect.

The peanut swing oven can bake peanuts, cocoa beans, Korean beans, sugar-coated peanuts, pistachios, almonds, hazelnuts, cashews, and other granular foods.

coated peanut swing oven application
coated peanut swing oven application

Advantages of Coated Peanut Swing Roasting Oven

  • Automatic equipment

The peanut swing oven is easy to operate and one person can achieve roasting.

  • Heat fast

The machine applies high-quality insulation material, so the heating time is shortened and the efficacy is enhanced.

  • Advanced technology

The nut roasting oven is designed by Taizy Machinery with the best heat effect and it causes less noise and no pollution.

  • Best after-sales service

We provide customers with more assured, worry-free, and faster service. The company is responsible for the installation, debugging, and training of the production line, with a year warranty for the whole machine.

coated peanut swing oven
coated peanut swing oven

Small Peanut Swing Oven

  1. Pour peanuts into the oven. With no lifting device.
  2. Set the baking time.
  3. Electric and gas heating.
  4. The constant temperature system could set the temperature automatically.
Voltage380v  50hz
peanut swing oven parameter

Large Cashew Roasting Oven Machine

  1. Pour a great amount of coated nuts into the oven with a lifting elevator.
  2. Set the roasting time.
  3. The nuts are automatically discharged after being roasted.
  4. Electric and gas heating.
  5. Constant temperature system.
Voltage380v, 50hz
swing peanut roasting oven parameter

Precautions for using a cashew roasting machine

  • The distribution box is used to control the automatic constant temperature system.
  • The coated peanut swing oven should be installed by professionals. And the installation needs to be filed by the Technical Supervision Bureau.
  • If you want to know the price, or have pre-sale, after-sales questions, please contact us immediately. our professional staff will be ready to give you a reply.