Efficient Cashew Processing with Cashew Nut Processing Machinery

finished products of cashew nut cracker

Cashew nuts are one of the most favored nuts in the modern food processing industry. In order to meet market demand and improve production efficiency, cashew processing enterprises are increasingly adopting fully automatic cashew processing machinery. This article will introduce the processing process of cashew nuts and discuss the price of automatic cashew nut processing machines.

dried cashew nuts
dried cashew nuts

Cashew manufacturing process


Cashew nut shelling is the first step in cashew nut processing. The traditional method is to remove the shells by hand, but this method is inefficient and easily causes hand injuries to workers. Modern cashew nut processing machinery (cashew nut sheller) can automatically shell, which greatly improves production efficiency.


Cashews have a bitter outer layer that needs to be removed. In traditional cashew processing, this step is usually done manually. However, fully automatic cashew nut processing machinery (cashew nut peeling machine) can now automate this process, reducing labor costs and labor.


Cashews are dried after shelling and peeling to remove excess moisture. The drying process preserves the freshness of the cashews and extends their shelf life. Modern fully automatic cashew nut processing machinery is usually equipped with an efficient cashew drying system, which can complete the drying process quickly and evenly.


Grading is an important part of the cashew processing process. Cashews are sorted by size and quality for easy packaging and sale. Fully automatic cashew processing machinery can realize automatic grading through optical sensors and vibration systems, which improves accuracy and efficiency.


The final step is to pack the cashew nuts. The traditional method is manual packaging, but this method is time-consuming and laborious, and it is easy to cause the packaging to be unstable. Modern fully automatic cashew processing machinery can automate the packing process.

cashew nut processing machinery
cashew nut processing machinery

Price of automatic cashew nut processing machine

The price of the automatic cashew nut processing machine varies according to different specifications, functions and production capacity. Typically, larger capacity and higher class machines are more expensive. In addition, brands and suppliers also have an impact on prices. Taizy Nut Machinery Factory is a company specializing in the manufacture of cashew nut machinery. The price of the machine is reasonable and the quality is high.

According to market research, the price of a fully automatic cashew nut processing machine usually ranges from $5,000 to $50,000. The lower-priced models are suitable for small or start-up cashew processing enterprises, while the higher-priced models are suitable for large-scale cashew nut production lines or enterprises with high capacity requirements.

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