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cashew steaming machine

The cashew steaming machine is also called a cashew boiler machine. It applies in cashew nut processing plant for steaming cashew nut to get a better cracking rate. After steaming by this boiler machine, It will generate a certain space between the cashew nut kernel and shell. So it is convenient for shelling cashew nuts. Besides steaming nuts, the cashew steam boiler machine is also suitable for cooking meat, fish, rice, and other products.

Cashew steaming machine introduction

The cashew steaming machine has two models. One is a small boiler machine applied in the small cashew nut shelling line. And another is a bigger steaming machine that can apply in a fully automatic cashew nut processing plant.

cashew cooking boiler  machine
cashew cooking boiler machine
  • Capacity: 200kg/h
  • Power:18kw, steam heating
  • Size:1.5*0.6*1.55m
  • Weight: 150kg

The above is the box-type cashew steaming machine. There are many trays inside the machine to hold cashew nuts. The machine adopts the electric heating way to generate heating. The electric heating generates steam inside the machine to steam cashew nuts. It also can use another heating method.

How to install and use the cashew cooking boiler machine

  1. Before connecting the power, please make sure that the connected power supply voltage is consistent with the machine voltage. And it must install the leakage protection device.
  2. when first using the machine, check whether it is unobstructed for the water inlet, air inlet, and the pressure relief valve.
  3. After the float valve enters the water normally, make the water valve open. Put the tray in the machine first, heat for 30 minutes to sterilize, then put the cashew nuts.
cashew steaming machine
cashew steaming machine

When cooking cashew nuts by electric heating

Turn on the power and water source, and preheat it after the water tank is full. After the water boils and generates steam, cut off the power. Open the cashew boiler machine door lock to let the high-temperature steam in the cashew steamer release the pressure. Then open the steamer door to put the cashew nuts in for steaming.

After boiling cashew nuts, turn off the power or steam valve. When taking out cashew nuts, keep your body away from the steaming cabinet and the steamer door as far as possible. And taking out cashews after releasing the high temperature. We recommend wearing heat-insulating gloves to take out cashew nuts.

When boiling cashews by other heating ways

Before connecting the steam source, turn off the power gate and close off all inlet and outlet valves.

Connect the steam source to the steam inlet at the bottom of the machine, and then slowly open the steam valve. After it reaches the pressure in the pressure gauge, preheat it. When generating the steam, you can put cashews into the cashew steaming machine. The cooking steps are the same as the steps using electric heating machines.

Note that this cashew boiler machine is not a high-pressure airtight container. It is a normal situation when there is a small amount of steam escaping from the crack of the door.

When taking out steamed cashews, first close the steam valve, then release the pressure and take out the cashews.

cashew nut steaming machine
cashew nut steaming machine
  • Capacity: 1200kg/h    
  • Power:1.1kw  
  • Voltage:380v
  • Size:2*1*2.8m
  • Size:0.8*0.6*2.2m

Another is the large automatic cashew nut cooking machine applied in a fully automatic cashew nut production line. The automatic cashew steaming machine mainly consists of a hoist and the main boiler machine. In the automatic plant, the hoist automatically lifts the cashew into the steamer for cooking.

The commercial cashew steaming machine characteristics

  1. The cashew nut cooking machine can automatically control the time and temperature of cashew nut cooking.
  2. Whether it is a large or small cashew nut cooking machine, it has the characteristics of simple operation and a good cooking effect. And they all need only one person to operate.
  3. We can customize the cashew boiler machine for customers according to their needs.
  4. The heating power source of the cashew nut cooking machine can be electric heating, steam heating, and other heating methods.

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