What is the cashew boiler machine price?

cashew steaming machine

A cashew boiler machine is a commercial machine for cooking raw cashew nuts. It applies before peeling cashews. It generally can achieve a good shelling effect by using the machine for boiling. For cashew nut processing manufacturers, it is most important to consider the cashew boiler machine price and machine quality. I will introduce you to the machine details as follow.

Why is it necessary for boiling cashew nuts before cracking?

The cashew nuts are very delicious and it has a wide application. It is the already cracked cashew nuts in the market. This is because the cashew nuts’ shell has harmful substances to the human body. Therefore, the cashew nut processing plant needs to crack cashew shells before distributing to the market. But it has very hard shells.

cooking cashew nuts
cooking cashew nuts

So, you need to use a cashew boiler machine to boiling them to create a certain void between cashew nut kernel and shell before shelling nuts. Then, when shelling nuts, this gas allows the blade to insert so that it can get a better shelling rate.

Types of cashew boiler machine

There are two kinds of cashew nut boiler machine. The nut boiler machine classification will also affect the cashew nut boiler machine price. There are two kinds of cashew cooking machines, one is a box-type cashew cooking machine; another is an automatic nut boiling machine. The box-type steaming machine inner consists of several trays.

The heat generated by the heating source of the machine allows water vapor to circulate inside the machine. Then it generates steam to steam cashews. Compared with the automatic cashew nut boiler machine, it can realize the automatic feeding and discharging. Therefore, it generally applies in the fully automatic cashew nut production line.

Both two cashew nut cooking machines can be customized according to the customer’s requirements. Therefore, the cashew boiler machine price will be different for different customer’s requirements. If you need a cashew steaming machine or other cashew processing machine, please contact with us and then our sales will recommend a suitable machine according to your requirement.

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