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The cashew nut processing machine is mainly used to process cashew nuts from raw cashew nuts to peeled and roasted cashew nuts. According to the different outputs of cashew nut processing machines, it can be divided into small cashew nut production lines and fully automatic cashew processing plants. Although the two lines’ production efficiency is different, they both have a higher integrity rate, and the cashews will not be damaged. It can meet different customers’ needs to process cashew nuts.

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Small cashew nut processing line

The small cashew nut shelling line is mainly composed of semi-automatic cashew nut machines. Its production steps are mainly cleaning, analysis, cooking, peeling, separating the shell and kernel, and roasting cashew nuts. The following is a 200kg/h cashew nut production line to illustrate the production steps and machines required for cashew nut processing.

cashew nut processing flow chart-3D
cashew nut processing flow chart-3D

200kg/h small kaju cashew nut processing machine list and parameter

1Cashew cleaning machine500kg/h1.58*0.85*0.8m1.1kw180kg
2Cashew nut grading machine500kg/h3.6*0.9*1.6m1.1kw450kg
3Cashew cooking machine200kg/h 1.5*0.6*1.55m18kw150kg 
4Cashew nut shelling machine240kg/h1.45*1.33*1.55m3kw700kg
5Shell kernel separator400kg/h1.25*0.85*1.85m 2.2kw320kg
6Cashew kernel peeling machine200kg/h0.71*0.69*1.38m0.1kw110kg
7Cashew nut roaster200kg/h3*2.2*1.7m2.2kw500kg
cashew nut production line

These are the machines included in the cashew processing line. Each machine is followed by the corresponding output, size, power, and weight. If you want to know more about these cashew nut processing machines, please feel free to contact us!

Small cashew nut processing machine flow chart

Small cashew nut processing equipment mainly includes a cashew cleaning machine, grading machine, cooking machine, shelling machine, shell and kernel separator, peeling machine, and roasting machine.

finished products of cashew nut processing machine
finished products of cashew nut processing machine

cashew nut cleaning machine

cashew cleaning machine
cashew cleaning machine

The cashew nut cleaning machine is a brush cleaning machine that can remove impurities on the surface of the cashew nut. There are 9 brushes evenly distributed inside the machine, and the brushes are in full contact with the cashew nuts. Therefore, the machine can completely remove impurities on the surface of the cashew nuts. The machine is made of all 304 stainless steel, and it has movable casters for easy movement.

cashew nut grading machine

nuts grading machine
nuts grading machine

A cashew nut grading machine can be used to grade cashews before they are shelled. Different grades of cashews have slightly different prices. In this step, we can distinguish different grades of cashew nuts to facilitate subsequent processing. The cashew nut processing machine is suitable for grading cashew nuts of different sizes, and the machine can distinguish 3-5 grades according to customer requirements.

Cashew cooking machine

cashew nut cooking machine
cashew nut cooking machine

The cashew nuts have a hard shell. During processing cashews, the cashews need to be steamed and then shelled. Through the cashew nut cooking machine to steam cashew nuts, it will create a space between the cashew nutshell and the kernel. This way can increase the efficiency of cashew nut shelling. The cashew machine manufacturer provides you with electric and gas heating machines. It has different specifications and outputs.

Cashew shelling machine

Cashew shelling machine
Cashew shelling machine

In the 200kg/h small cashew nut processing plant, it uses an automatic machine that can crack 10 cashew nuts at a time. In addition, it also has a machine that can shell cashews at a time. The automatic cashew nut shelling machine has the characteristics of high shelling efficiency, large output, and a complete kernel without scratches.

Shell kernel separator machine

cashew shell kernel separator
cashew shell kernel separator

In order to increase production efficiency and reduce manual contact, it generally uses a shell and kernel separator to separate cashew nut shells and kernels. The shell and kernel separator uses the principle of different weights of shell and kernel to distinguish the two. It is widely used to distinguish the shell and kernel of nuts after shelling. Therefore, this cashew processing machine is usually equipped with a nut shelling machine.

Cashew kernel peeling machine

cashew nut peeling machine
cashew nut peeling machine

The cashew peeling machine uses the pneumatic principle to automatically peel the cashew nut. The machine can apply for peeling dried cashew nuts, and the peeling rate is over 98%. It makes up for the defect that the peeling machine can only be applied to wet cashews. It increases the production efficiency of cashews and reduces the workload of manual operations.

Cashew nut roaster machine(optional)

cashew nut roaster
cashew nut roaster

The cashew roaster machine can use electricity, gas, and other heating methods, and it is suitable for roasting all kinds of nuts. In the small cashew nut line, the 200kg/h roaster machine has two barrels to roast cashew nuts. It will not damage cashew nuts when roasting. And the machine is an intelligent control machine, it can adjust the baking temperature and time.

Types of cashew nut processing machines

Small cashew nut processing line

  1. This kaju cashew nut processing plant is suitable for the production of various sizes of cashew nuts. The shelling and peeling machine adopts a special blade design, which will not damage the cashew nuts.
  2. The production line has the characteristics of high production efficiency, small footprint, convenient operation, and maintenance.
  3. The small cashew nut shelling line not only has one output but it can also be customized according to the customer’s output.
  4. The above machine equipment scheme is our regular cashew nut processing machine. If you have different processes to process cashew nuts, we can equip the machine according to your requirements.

Medium fully automatic kaju cashew processing plant

The fully automatic cashew kernel processing plant can realize the fully automatic process from cashew nut feeding to shelling. It has a high degree of automation, and the production efficiency of the production line can reach more than 1000kg/h. The production line covers a large area and has high production efficiency. Therefore, it is mainly suitable for Large cashew processing plants.

automatic kaju cashew processing equipment
automatic kaju cashew processing equipment

Large cashew nut processing machine introduction

The cashew nut processing machines involved in the nut shelling line are roughly the same as the small cashew nut line. But all the machines have been replaced with automatic cashew processing machines. For example, the cashew nut shelling machine uses an automatic cashew nut shelling unit. The unit is composed of several automatic cashew nut shelling machines, which greatly increases production efficiency while keeping the shelling rate unchanged.

Large kaju cashew nut processing machine video

Advantages of cashew nut processing line

  • This automatic cashew nut production line can realize the automatic operation process from raw cashew nut to shelled nuts, with a high degree of automation.
  • All cashew nut processing machine provided by the cashew machine manufacturer is made of carbon steel and stainless steel, which increases the service life of the machine.
  • This production line can not only increase production efficiency but also reduce personnel contact and reduce pollution.
  • All cashew nut processing machines can be operated by the intelligent control panel.

Cashew nut processing plant cost

The cost of setting up a cashew nut processing plant can vary significantly depending on various factors such as the scale of the plant, the processing capacity, the level of automation, the quality of the cashew nut processing machine, the infrastructure requirements, and the geographical location. It is essential to conduct a detailed feasibility study and cost analysis to determine the specific requirements and estimated costs for your plant.

However, to provide you with a rough estimate, the cost of setting up a small-scale cashew nut processing plant can range from $50,000 to $300,000. On the other hand, setting up a large-scale plant with advanced machinery and infrastructure can require an investment of $1 million or more.

The major cost components that you need to consider when estimating the cost of a cashew nut processing plant include:

Land and Infrastructure

Cost of land acquisition or lease, construction of the processing facility, and installation of utilities like water, electricity, and waste management systems.

Machinery and Equipment

Cost of cashew nut processing machinery such as shelling machines, drying equipment, peeling machines, grading machines, and packaging equipment. The cost may also include import duties if the cashew processing machine is sourced from abroad.

Raw Materials

The initial investment in purchasing raw cashew nuts for processing.

Labor Cost

Expenses related to hiring skilled labor for various operations in the processing plant.

Packaging Materials and Branding

Cost of packaging materials and expenses associated with branding and marketing the processed cashew nuts.

Utilities and Operational Expenses

Ongoing expenses related to electricity, water, maintenance, and other operational costs.

Compliance and Licensing Costs

Expenses associated with obtaining necessary licenses, and certifications, and complying with food safety standards and regulations.

Administrative and Overhead Costs

Expenses related to administrative staff, management, and other overhead costs.

cashew processing factory
cashew processing factory

Fully automatic cashew nut processing machine price

The prices of cashew nut processing machines with different outputs are different. For example, the price of a cashew nut processing line with an output of 200kg/h is lower than that of a production line with an output of 500kg/h.

Secondly, the material of the equipment is one of the factors that affect the price. Many cashew machine manufacturers will use non-stainless steel materials to make machines to reduce costs. The machines of Taizy Nut Machinery Factory are all made of stainless steel.

Finally, shipping costs are also an important reason. The farther the importing country is from the exporting country, the higher the price.

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