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raw cashew grading machine,cashew nut grader

The raw cashew nut grading machine is suitable for classifying raw cashew nuts. The machine divides cashews into several grades by customizing different mesh sizes. According to customer requirements, we can customize the mesh size and the number of classifications. The fresh cashew nut sorting machine has the characteristics of fast classification, high production efficiency, and long service life.

The cashew nut size sorting machine introduction

In the market, cashews of different sizes have different prices. Therefore, cashew nuts need to be graded. Also, it will get a higher peeling rate with the cashew nut sheller machine after classification. According to the customer’s production needs, the nut grading machine can be customized to grade 3, grade 5, or even higher. The raw cashew nut grading machine has the characteristics of high production efficiency and easy operation.

cashew grading machine
cashew grading machine

Operation video of our grading machine

Raw cashew sorting machine application

The cashew nut classifier machine is also suitable for the grading and cleaning of raw materials such as walnuts, chestnuts, jujubes, and cocoa pods.

Cashew nut classifier machine parameters

raw cashew nut grading machine

Working principle of the machine

The cashew nut classifier machine is mainly composed of a motor, reducer, roller device, frame, sealing cover, and inlet and outlet. The drum screen keeps rotating in one direction. The cashew nuts rotate with the cashew grading machine after entering the machine. Under the action of the drum screen rotation and the gravity of the cashews, the same size cashew nuts fall from the corresponding mesh first. The higher level of cashew nuts moves to the next level with the machine. Therefore, the cashew nut grader machine can realize the rapid classification and impurity removal of cashew nuts.

raw cashew nut grader machine
raw cashew nut grader machine

Features of raw cashew sorting equipment

  • The machine can be customized, it can achieve 3, 4, 5, and other levels of screening.
  • The sorting machine has the characteristics of simple structure, stable operation, and low noise.
  • The equipment can be customized airtight and open type according to customer’s production requirements.
  • Because the cashew nuts keep rotating in the machine, it reduces the possibility of cashew nuts clogging on the mesh.
  • The cashew nut classifer machine uses a special screen, the nut grader machine has a long service life and high screening efficiency.
Graded cashew nuts
Graded cashew nuts

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