Cashew nut dryer machine, cashew borma tray dryer

cashew nut dryer machine

The cashew nut dryer can be used to dry cashew nuts. In the cashew nut production line, generally use a dryer machine to dry cashew after cooking. It is convenient for peeling cashews kernel. There are two types of dryer machines for drying cashew nuts. They are tray dryer and box type cashew kernel dryer. They both can achieve the work of drying cashew nuts.

Cashew drying machine summarization

  1. The main function of the cashew nut dryer is to dry the cashew kernels, which is beneficial to the subsequent peeling of cashew nuts and increases the peeling rate of cashew nuts.
  2. Model: According to different output, there are tray type and box type cashew dryer
  3. Output: It has a different output for a different model, and can reach 60-7000kg/batch
  4. Customization: can be customized
  5. Heating method: electricity, gas, wood, biological particles, and other combustibles

Type 1: Tray cashew nut dryer

Stainless steel tray dryer introduction

tray borma cashew nut drying machine
tray borma cashew nut drying machine

Tray-type cashew nut dryer is mainly composed of a stable drying room, heat exchange air, circulating fan, initial system, dehumidification system, and other parts. Its drying part is a box-type drying host and an internal small tray. The heating body mainly adopts electricity. Its hot air can be recycled, so it can save costs and reduce environmental pollution problems.

Features of tray-type cashew nut dryer

  • The cashew drying machine adopts the closed heat pump dehumidification cycle drying method. It can reduce the cost of heat sources, and it reduces exhaust emissions by using circulating heat pumps.
  • It widely applies for drying cashews, peanuts, almonds and other nuts.
  • The heating method of the nuts dryer machine has electricity, gas and other methods.
  • It uses the principle of electric heating to dry cashew nuts, which not only has the function of reducing pollution, but it also saves 30% of energy than ordinary dryers.
  • Cashew nuts dried by using this tray cashew nut dryer will not deteriorate, and their nutrients will not be lost. It can well preserve the color, aroma, and taste of cashew nuts.

The principle of drying cashew nuts

The stainless steel cashew kernel drying machine has the function of connecting an external heat source. The external heat source can generate heat through electricity, gas, or other means. The heat is transferred to the inside drying room, and the circulating fan blows the heat source to circulate inside the machine. Therefore, the heat source can fully contact the cashew nuts placed on the tray.

cashew nut dehydrator machine principle
cashew nut dehydrator machine principle

The control panel of cashew nut dryer uses high-precision digital sensors. It can accurately sense the temperature and humidity inside the machine. It can set multiple temperature sections to complete the entire drying process and can modify the set parameters at any time, and the control is accurate. And it can keep the temperature and humidity inside the machine constant. Because the tray dryer adopts medium temperature drying, it is close to natural wind drying. Therefore, the appearance, nutrients, and other characteristic substances of cashew nuts dried by this machine will not change.

Type 2:Box type cashew borma dryer

Cashew kernel dryer induction

box type cashew kernel dryer machine
box type cashew kernel dryer machine

The box dryer is an upgraded version of the tray dryer. Compared with the tray dryer, it has a larger drying space and is suitable for drying large quantities of cashew nuts. The machine uses the principle of hot air circulation to dry nuts and other materials. The heat generated by the heat source circulates inside the machine through the fan.

Characteristics of cashew nut dryer

1. It can customize the box dryer machine capacity according to customer needs. No matter how large the output of the machine you need, we can customize it according to your needs.

2. The hot air of the cashew nut dryer is circulated inside the machine through a fan. So it can maintain a certain temperature for each part of the cashew nut raw material.

3. The machine adopts intelligent temperature and humidity controller, and the temperature inside the machine can be set within a certain range. And keep constant in this temperature range.

4. You can control the drying time of cashew nuts by yourself. After drying, the alarm will remind the drying end.

5. It adopts low humidity and constant temperature drying, which can ensure the drying product with high quality, good color, and good nutrition.