How to Dry Cashew Nuts?

cashew nuts

Cashew is the fruit of the cashew tree. The fruit has two parts. The larger part is “cashew apple”, and the smaller part is the cashew nut part. When the “cashew apple” changes from green to yellow to red, it means that the fruit is ripe. Cashew apples can be eaten fresh, made into beverages, wine or jam, etc. Small cashew nuts can’t be eaten fresh and must be dried in a cashew dryer before they can be eaten.

dried cashew nuts
dried cashew nuts

Introduction of Taizy cashew dryer machine

The whole system of the cashew drying box adopts the design of the SUS304 stainless steel inner plate. And the whole box adopts a 30MM thick polyurethane insulation layer, which has good thermal conductivity. In addition, the airspeed and heat distribution of our box-type cashew dryer machine is uniform, and there is no dead angle at 360°C. Because it is a completely enclosed space, heat loss can be avoided to the greatest extent. It greatly improves the utilization rate of energy.

box type cashew nuts dryer machine
box type cashew nuts dryer machine

The structure and composition of the cashew dryer

  1. Heat pump heating unit
  2. Insulation box device.
  3. Hot air circulation device.
  4. Automatic dehumidification device.
  5. Intelligent control device.

Advantages of Taizy cashew nut drying machine

  1. The intelligent controller of the cashew dryer brings you a more convenient operating experience.
  2. Stable performance and easy operation. It can meet the drying needs of different types of materials.
  3. The machine adopts an intelligent temperature controller. And the temperature inside the machine can be set within a certain range. And keep constant in this temperature range.
  4. The capacity of the box-type cashew nut dryer machine can be customized according to customer needs. No matter how high output the machine you need, we can customize it according to your needs.
tray borma cashew nut drying machine
tray borma cashew nut drying machine

Why Dry Cashews?

Fresh cashews have a hard, thick green shell on the outside. The most important thing is that the cashew nutshell is rich in oil and has certain toxicity. Allergic symptoms may appear on the skin after contact, and even be life-threatening. Therefore, cashews need to be treated before use. Our new dryer machine uses the principle of air energy heat pump to set drying parameters through the PCL computer intelligent control system of the cashew nut dryer. This removes most of the moisture from the shelled cashews until the husks split open and the kernels and husks split. Cashews treated this way are safe to eat

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