Cashew Nut Peeling Machine | Removing the Skin of Cashew Nut

cashew nut peeling machine

The cashew nut peeling machine is specially made for peeling cashew skins. It can easily separate cashew nuts from cashew nut skins. Taizy’s cashew peeling machine can not only be used to separate cashew nuts from cashew skins but also can process the skins of various nuts such as peanuts, garlic, hazelnuts, etc.

This machine is the key machine in the cashew processing line. If you have a cashew nut factory or want to peel cashew nuts quickly, our cashew nuts peeling machine will be your best choice.

Working video of cashew nuts peeling machine

Highlights of the cashew nut peeling machine

  • Wide range of production capacity. The production capacity of the three best-selling cashew nut peeling machines ranges from 150kg/h to 600kg/h.
  • Easy to operate. You can operate this machine by pressing the buttons.
  • High peeling rate. The peeling rate of the machine can reach more than 98%.
  • Wide range of applications. It is widely used to peel peanuts, garlic, hazelnuts, etc.
  • Strong and durable. Taizy Machinery’s cashew nut peeling machine is made of stainless steel.
  • Adaptable. The machine can peel cashews of different sizes and dimensions.
control panel
control panel

Parameter of cashew peeling machine

cashew peeling machine for sale

In Taizy, we have three different models of cashew nut production machines for you to choose from. They are 150kg/h, 330kg/h and 600kg/h respectively. Therefore, if you want to get more cashew nuts in a short time, we recommend you buy the cashew nuts peeling machine with a production capacity of 600 kg/h.


Application of cashew peeler machine

Our cashew peeling machine is a widely used peeling machine. In addition to cashews, this machine can also peel garlic, hazelnuts, pistachios, peanuts, pine nuts, and other nuts.

How does the kaju peeling machine work?

First, you need to pour the cashews into the hopper of the kaju peeling machine. Then the cashews enter the sorting device of the machine. Next, the pneumatic device will arrange and position the cashews to ensure that each cashew is in the correct position and angle.

When the cashews reach the peeling position, the pneumatic system in the machine will release high-pressure air. This high-pressure airflow is aimed at the weak parts of the cashews through a specially designed nozzle. The impact of the high-pressure airflow will cause the cashew skin to crack and fall off.

Finally, the peeled cashews and cashew skins will enter the separation device to separate the cashew kernels from the cashew skins through the airflow sorting system.

cashew peeler machine structure
cashew peeler machine structure

How to peel cashew nuts quickly?

It is not easy to deal with cashew nuts, because the peel of cashew nuts is very difficult to peel. If you peel the peel of cashew skin with ordinary tools, it will be a particularly distressing thing. Because it is not only a waste of time but also easy to hurt the cashew kernels.

manual cashew peeling
manual cashew peeling

If you have a cashew processing plant or nut processing plant, using an efficient cashew nut peeling machine is a wise choice. We have three different models of cashew peeling machines for sale.

peeled cashew nuts
peeled cashew nuts

Their production capacity ranges between 150-600kg/h. This means that whether you need a small cashew peeling machine or a large machine, we can meet your needs.

taizy cashew kernel peeling machine
Taizy cashew kernel peeling machine

Find reliable cashew peeling equipment manufacturers

Do you want to find reliable cashew peeling equipment manufacturers? We can answer this question for you.

  • Check if the cashew nut peeling machine manufacturer has the necessary certifications, such as ISO 9001, CE, or other quality management certifications.
  • Choose a manufacturer with rich experience in manufacturing cashew processing machinery. Taizy Machinery was established in 2010 and has more than 10 years of experience in machinery production.
  • If possible, you’d better ask for an on-site demonstration or visit their factory. Welcome to visit our factory, Taizy provides a one-stop pick-up service.
  • You’d better get quotes from multiple cashew nut peeling machine manufacturers and compare prices. It should be noted that too low a price may mean lower quality.
  • You need to consider delivery time, and whether the manufacturer provides installation and training services.
Taizy machine factory tour

What is the price of a cashew nut peeling machine?

To be honest, different models of machines have different prices. If you want to know the price of the nuts peeling machine, you can email us. Our salesman will introduce the price and models of the machine to you in detail according to your needs.

And they will also answer your questions in detail. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

Taizy automatic cashew peeling machine sold to Nigeria

In January 2023, a Nigerian customer purchased a cashew peeling machine with an output of 500kg/h from our company. This customer has a small cashew processing plant in Nigeria. The cashew machine he currently uses is semi-automatic. Such a machine has low production efficiency and is also a waste of time.

To improve the efficiency of cashew processing, he decided to buy an automatic cashew nut peeling machine. After many comparisons, the customer chose to buy the machine from us. At present, this machine is playing an important role in the customer’s factory.