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cashew kernel peeling machine

The cashew kernel peeling machine adopts digital display control and pneumatic principle to peel the cashew nuts. It is also suitable for peeling peanuts, pine nuts, and garlic. The peeling rate of the machine is as high as 98%, and the peeled cashews are smooth and undamaged with a high integrity rate.

Operation video of cashew nut peeler machine

Cashew kernel peeling machine Introduction

The cashew kernel peeler machine is a dry, non-broken type cashew peeling machine. The machine uses an air compressor to produce power and controls the feeding and peeling through the principle of electricity and air. This machine is also suitable for peeling peanuts, cashew nuts, pine nuts, and garlic. Moreover, the material can be directly put into the machine without soaking. The peeler machine has the characteristics of small size, high output, low energy consumption, and simple operation.

cashew kernel peeling machine
cashew kernel peeling machine

Working principle of peeler machine

The cashew kernel peeler machine adopts the principle of pneumatic peeling and has the characteristics of artificial hand peeling. The machine contacts an air compressor to generate the air. It is generally equipped with a cashew nuts sheller machine. After the cashews nuts enter the machine, it will peel off the cashew kernel skins under the combined action of the soft rollers of the machine and the air. By adjusting the gap between the rubber wheels, it can control the peeling cashew nuts size. Therefore, the nuts kernel peeling machine is suitable for peeling cashew nuts of different sizes.

cashew kernel peeler machine structure
cashew kernel peeler machine structure

Machine parameters

As can be seen in the figure, different types of cashew nuts peeling machines have different weights, sizes, and outputs. We have not only machines with large output but also machines with small output. If you want small cashews peeling equipment, we recommend that you buy the machine with a production of 150 kg / h. If you want large cashew peeling equipment, we recommend that you buy a machine of 600 kg / h. Therefore, you can choose according to your needs. If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

cashew kernel peeler

Cashew nut peeling machine advantages

  1. When using this cashew kernel peeler machine to peel cashew nuts, there is no need to soak the cashews or dry them.
  2. The machine contacts an air compressor, which can reduce electric energy consumption, and the investment of the air compressor is lower.
  3. It has high production efficiency, and the peeling rate can reach more than 98%.
  4. This cashew nut peeling machine has a variety of models, which meets the needs of different customers
  5. It has carbon steel and stainless steel type, you can choose the corresponding machine material according to your requirement and budget.