Automatic peanut kernel grading machine | peanut sieving and sorting machine

peanut kernel grading and sorting machine

The peanut screening machine (grading machine) is a machine specialized in screening peanut kernels. It can screen peanut kernels into several different grades according to the grading machine’s layers. The sorting machine has single-layer,two-layers,three-layers, and several layers. Also, the groundnut grading machine can equip with the color sorter machine. Through these two machines, it can sort and grade the same grade peanut kernels. The peanut kernel sieving machine has the advantages of compact structure, low noise, and precise screening.

Industrial peanut grading machine parameters

Single layer:

Why do we need to screen peanuts?

In the international market, peanut kernels are classified according to the size of peanut kernels.
It has a different price for different grades. Therefore, many peanut processing plants usually establish a peanut primary processing line to peel the peanuts, remove stones, sieving, color sorting, and then packaging. After a simple initial processing of peanuts, the price of peanuts has increased doubled.

Peanut screening machine structure

The peanut kernel screening machine mainly adopts a sprocket and chain to drive the push rod, and the screen body performs smooth reciprocating screening. It will equip with a convey belt to convey peanut kernels into the grader machine for the above three layers grader machine.

The screen of the sieving machine adopts iron plate punching. The lower part of each layer equips with a return plate so that the unevenly screened materials can be screened again. The sieve plate of the peanut grading machine has a certain inclination to facilitate the discharging of the peanut kernels.

Automatic peanut kernels grading machine working principle

The peanut kernels store in the silo and then the hosit will lift them into the screening machine. The grading machine screens peanuts of different grades through cyclic screening. The graded peanut kernels by different grades screen discharge from the outlet and enters different steel silos.

The sieved peanuts are processed by a color sorting machine, and then manually picked by a selection belt, and then packed into quantitative packaging into finished products.

Groundnut grader machine advantages

1.Multi-stage screening

The peanut kernel grader machine has two-stage, three-stage, four-stage, and multi-stage screening machines. It can achieve corresponding screening requirements according to the different needs of customers. In addition, we can also customize the screen size according to the size of the sieved peanut.

2.Precise screening

The machine can screen peanuts cyclically. And it can also sieve the peanuts that are not uniformly sieved, so the peanuts sieved by this machine are more accurate.

3.Simple operation, large screening output

The peanut grading machine can realize the automatic process from feeding to discharging, saving manpower. And it has small and large screening production lines, which can meet the needs of large peanut processing plants.

4.Smooth screening without blocking
The grader machine screens smoothly, it will not block the screen holes under the large vibration.
The peanut kernel screening machine has advanced design, accurate classification and screening, and high production efficiency.

5.With color sorter to ensure the quality of peanut kernels

The machine also can equip with a color sorter. The sieved peanut kernels can be directly entered into the color sorter to select the moldy and unqualified peanut kernels, which ensures the quality of the peanut kernels. It can meet the large demand for high-quality peanuts for grain and oil companies.

The peanut grading machine has two-layer, three-layer, four-layer, and other multi-level screening machines, which can screen peanut kernels into multiple levels. It has small and large sieving production lines.

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