What does the peanut grading machine cost?

peanut grading machine cost

Peanuts are rich in nutrients, and there are many food factories and oil mills that process peanuts on the market. After husking, the price of the peanuts screened has been greatly increased. Therefore, many peanut processing plants will conduct primary processing of peanuts to increase the price. Peanut screening is an important step in the initial processing of peanuts. It uses a peanut grader machine to screen peanuts into several different grades. So how do the peanut screening machine grade peanuts? What does the peanut grading machine cost?

How does the peanut grader machine screen peanuts?

The peanut screening machine has many different models. It can be divided into a two-stage sieve, three-stage sieve, four-stage sieve, etc. according to the number of finished products screened. The peanut grader machine mainly uses chains to drive the machine. Under the driven by the chain, the vibration plate continuously cyclically moves back and forth. Peanuts vibrate with the vibration of the vibrating plate and leak out from the screen. The peanut kernels of the corresponding size leak from the sieve of the corresponding size, so the peanuts are classified into the corresponding grades.

Factors affecting peanut grading machine cost

The peanut-grader machine price mainly affected by the screening machine’s sieving grades.  

The peanut grading stage is different, and the model of the peanut screening machine used is also different. It has a single-layer, double-layer, three-layer, and four-layer grader machine. And we also supply the peanut screening production line. Therefore, different peanut grading machine models have different prices.

In addition, the peanut screening machine can also form a peanut primary processing production line with the peanut peeler, color sorter, packing belt, and packaging machine. We can also equip machines according to customer needs. Therefore, if you need a peanut processing machine, please contact us.

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