How to peel soaked almond skin?


Almonds are often used as raw materials for pastry making, and dishes. However, the almond skin contains hydrogen acid, which has the effect of suppressing cough. Excessive use will inhibit breathing and cause blood poisoning. Therefore, we often use it after removing the outer skin of almonds. The almond peeling machine can realize the peeling work for a large number of almonds. So how does the machine peel the soaked almond skin?

The soaked almond peeler machine working principle

The peeling machine applies for soaked almonds raw material. The soaked almonds have soft skin, so it has a better peeling effect for soaked almonds.

Soaked almonds peeling machine
Soaked almonds peeling machine

Because the almond peeling machine uses a wet method for peeling, it is necessary to connect a water pipe to provide a humid environment during operation. Since the main components of this almond peeling machine are made of food-grade stainless steel, you don’t have to worry about rusting. The main peeling part of the machine is the rubber roller. When the machine runs, the rubber roller keeps rotating, rubbing, and peeling with the almonds.

Apricot peeling steps

Before peeling, you should soak almonds in hot or cold water for 3-4 hours. Connect the power, turn on the soaked almond peeling machine, and let the rubber roller of the machine run idly. Then connect the water pipe and sprinkle water on the inlet and the rubber roller. Put the soaked almonds in the inlet, the almonds will come to the rubber roller for peeling with water.

almond peeler rubber roller
almond peeler rubber roller

Since the rubber roller has great softness, it will not destroy the integrity of the almonds. The almond skin removed by the rubber roller flows out from the peeling place. The almonds flow out from the outlet at the other end. Therefore, the almond skin and the kernel can be separated. The almond peeler machine can be used to remove almond peels commercially.

Almond peeling machine features

  1. The soaked almond skin peeling machine has a wide application. It can apply for peeling peanut, almond, chickpeas, green beans, broad beans, and other raw materials
  2. The machine’s capacity can reach 100-250kg/h,it is suitable for peeling commercially.
  3. Its main part consists of stainless steel, it will not rust.
  4. Since the peeling parts of the machine are mainly composed of soft rubber rollers, it will keep the peanuts and almonds intact.
  5. This peeler machine can realize the complete separation of skin and kernel, and reduce the work of manual cleaning of skin and kernel.
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