Automatic peanut almond strip cutting machine

peanut strip cutting machine

The peanut strip cutting machine is a special device for cutting peanuts into half peanuts. In addition to cutting peanuts, it has a grading function. The peanut cutting machine can process half of the raw and roasted peanuts. And it can also process almonds, pistachio, and other raw materials. The machine cuts evenly and produces less waste.

Peanut strip cutting machine structure

The peanut cutting machine is mainly composed of three parts: a feed hopper, a cutter, and a grading machine. The cutting knife part cuts peanuts into thin and long strips of ideal size and discharges the ideal size peanuts through the grading section. The main part of the machine is the cutter part. The cutting knife part of the peanut cutter machine can cut peanuts and almonds into uniform size. Its cutting range size is 3-5mm.

Almond cutting machine working principle

Pour the almonds into the almond cutter from the inlet, and the almonds enter the cutting knife under the drive of the vibration motor. The cutting knife cuts the almonds into long strips according to the distance between the cutting knives. According to the distance between the cutting knives, the almond cutting machine can cut almonds into long strips of different fineness.


Output: 100–150kg/h
Voltage: 380V
Power: 1.48KW
Frequency: 50HZ
Dimensions: 1.5*0.9*1.3M
Weight: 260KG

Peanut strip cutter machine advantages

  1. This machine is widely used for cutting peanuts, almonds, and pine nuts. It can meet the needs of food processing plants, biscuit factories, ice cream factories, etc.
  2. The machine can cut into strips of different fineness according to the customer’s cutting requirements.
  3. It not only has a small peanut cutting machine but also we can customize a large peanut cutting machine according to customer needs. And the large peanut strip cutting machine can equip with a conveyor belt for conveying and feeding.
  4. This peanut cutting machine is suitable for cutting half grain raw peanuts and roasted peanuts. The cutting strips are even with less waste.
  5. The machine also has the characteristics of simple operation, convenient maintenance, and low noise.

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