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cold hydraulic sesame oil press machine

Sesame oil is an essential condiment in many dishes. It has a strong aroma and is nutritious. Traditionally, it squeezes sesame oil by the stone grinder. But now it also has the screw and hydraulic sesame oil press machine to press sesame oil in addition to stone mills.

Screw oil press machine to extract sesame oil

The screw oil press machine mainly squeezes the raw material continuously by the spiral of the sesame oil press machine. By using this kind of machine to press sesame, you must use the hot-pressed machine. Also, it needs a nut roaster to roast sesame seeds before using the machine. The machine equips with a vacuum oil filter device, it can get pure oil.

Hydraulic oil press machine to press sesame seed oil

The hydraulic oil press machine mainly depends on the hydraulic oil pressure to push the press to extract sesame. The device adopts purely physically pressed, which maintains the properties and nutrients of the raw material. It also must use roasted sesame seeds for this machine.

The process of mechanically pressing sesame oil

Mechanically pressed sesame oil mainly underwent screening, washing, roasting, cooling, oil extraction, filling, and other processes.

Screening, washing machine

Screening, washing is designed to remove the sesame seeds containing inferior sesame seeds and sesame seeds.

Roasting machine

It should set the temperature and time of roasting sesame seeds according to the specific situation. The water content of the scrambled sesame seeds should be kept at about 9%. Commercial roasting machines can self-regulate and control the amount of time and temperature to avoid roasting paste.

Cooling machine

To speed up the cooling of sesame seeds and reduce production time, it can use a cooler to quickly cool the sesame seeds.

Hydraulic sesame oil press machine extraction

After cooling, put sesame into the seed oil press machine to extract oil. Of course, you can use a screw press or a hydraulic press to press sesame oil. Both oil presses can ensure purer essential oil.

Sesame oil filling machine

After the cooking oil has been precipitated by cold filtration, you can use a liquid filling machine to fill sesame oil. We offer professional essential oil filling machines. It can be customized according to the customer’s filling requirements and yield.

sesame cold oil press machine
sesame cold oil press machine

Operation Video of hydraulic sesame cold oil pressing machine

What is better for screw and hydraulic oil press to extract sesame oil

So since the screw oil press machine and hydraulic oil press machine both can press sesame seeds, which should do I choose? Which one is best for pressing sesame oil?

The spiral seed oil press machine generally adopts the hot-pressed method when pressing sesame oil. When working, it produces temperatures of more than 100 degrees. High temperatures can damage the structure of sesame seeds, causing them to turn black and suffer slightly.

While the hydraulic sesame seed oil press machine mainly uses cold-pressed methods to press sesame oil. Therefore, in order to make up for the shortage of screws press, the hydraulic press was invented. Modern factories specializing in sesame oil production mainly use hydraulic presses to press sesame oil.

Small scale hydraulic sesame oil extraction machine features

1. All accessories of hydraulic sesame oil press machines adopt national standard components, with a solid structure, long service life.

2. Simple operation, low labor intensity, one person can operate 3 to 4 machines at the same time

3. Its extraction speed is quick, the oil yield is high, the oil extracted is pure, no need to use an additional oil filter.

4. Using a low-temperature cold pressing method to press sesame oil, sesame oil will not change color, change the taste.

Precautions when extracting sesame oil

To ensure that pure sesame oil is extracted, please note the following:

  • It should choose the fresh, full, colored sesame seeds to press sesame oil
  • After each oil extraction, please clean the sesame oil press machine in time to prevent the machine from residue affecting the next oil extraction.
  • When operating the oil press, please operate the sesame oil cold press machine in strict accordance with the oil press’s instruction manual.

Suggestions for starting a sesame oil press business

  • Market

The market is one of the important factors in the success of a business. If you are in a small oil-squeezing business, you need to consider the location of the oil-squeezing business. For large oil mills, there is a need to target people and major selling channels.

  • Sesame oil press machine choice

A good sesame seed oil press machine can greatly improve the oil yield and save time and effort. Taizy Machinery is a trusted sesame oil cold press machine manufacturer. We have a sound pre-sales, after-sales service system. And Taizy’s oil press machine has been exported to the United States, Sweden, Spain, Congo, and other countries and regions.

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