Commercial Black Sesame Seed Peeler | Sesame Gingili hulling machine

Sesame Gingili hulling machine

This black sesame seed peeler machine can remove the skin of sesame seeds, separate the seed and skin. At present, the widely used sesame peeling equipment has a complicated structure and a low sesame peeling rate and requires secondary processing of the peeled sesame kernels and sesame hulls, which is time-consuming and laborious to operate. The purpose of the sesame peeling machine of the utility model is to make up for the defects of the prior art and to provide a sesame peeling machine that quickly separates sesame kernels and sesame hulls.

Black sesame seed peeler Review

When using the utility model for sesame peeling, the sesame seeds enter the peeling cylinder from the feed opening at the upper end of the peeling cylinder. And the motor drives the separating brush plate to rotate in the screen peeling cylinder through the rotating shaft, and the separation brush on the separating brush plate and the peeling cylinder. The inner wall generates friction, and the sesame seeds will be peeled from the feeding port into the peeling cylinder.

Black sesame seed peeler Review
Black sesame seed peeler Review

Since the sieve peeling cylinder is installed on the frame in an oblique direction after the sesame is peeled in the sieve peeling cylinder. The lighter sesame hulls are drawn out from the peeling opening due to the action of the fan and are collected by the receiving bag, and the weight is heavier. The sesame seeds flow out from the discharge port provided at the lower end of the dehulling cylinder.

Functions of Sesame gingili hulling machine

Soak, peel off the sesame seeds, separate the sesame kernels and husks.

Commercial black sesame seed peeler Structure

The black sesame seed peeler is mainly composed of a reducer, tank, composite stirrer, separator, heater, positioning device, and various inlet and outlet pipes.

Commercial Black Sesame Seed Peeler
Commercial Black Sesame Seed Peeler

Working principle of Industrial sesame peeling machine

Pour the sesame seeds into the tube first, add a small amount of caustic soda and hot water to soak the sesame seeds for a few minutes. Then start the equipment, the reducer drives the agitator to rotate. Due to the structural characteristics of the compound mixer, the material is circulated up and down, and the sesame and the foaming liquid are mixed evenly and fully.

The relative friction between the stirrer and the sesame, between the sesame and the sesame, separates the sesame and the kernel. So as to achieve the purpose of peeling the sesame.

Using the retention effect of the separator, the sesame seeds are discharged through the separator. And the sesame seeds are retained, so as to achieve the purpose of separating the sesame seeds and kernels.

Black sesame seed hulling machine Application

Black sesame seed hulling machine Application
Black sesame seed hulling machine Application

The peeled sesame seeds can use in the production of cake, biscuits, sesame oil, pancakes, and other pastry food.

The finished products are useful in bakery rooms, restaurants, sesame oil pressing plants, and others.

Parameter of Sesame gingili hulling machine

Power380V 50Hz
Motor power2.2kw peeling motor, 1.5kw separating motor
Capacity200-300kg/h, 400-500kg/h
Peeling rate80%-85%
Material304 stainless steel for the material contact part, 201 stainless steel for other parts
Sesame gingili hulling machine parameter

Black sesame gingili skin removing machine Advantages

  • The sesame cleaning and peeling machine is applied to various sesame peeling processing, saving labor and time, and has high peeling efficiency.

An inclined peeling cylinder is arranged on the frame, a rotating shaft is rotatably installed in the peeling cylinder. Two ends of the rotating shaft are provided with separate brush plates with steel wires. And a crushing blade is installed in the center of the rotating shaft.

The upper end of the higher end of the peeling cylinder is provided with a feed port, and the lower end of the peeling cylinder is provided with a discharge port. The upper end of the peeling cylinder is also provided with a peeling port, and a fan is provided at the peeling port.

commercial black sesame seed peeler machine
commercial black sesame seed peeler machine

After uniform feeding and stirring, the effect of separating the sesame kernel and skin is achieved. After separation, there is a discharging port and a skin discharging port respectively. The fan at the peeling port sucks out the lighter sesame peels and collects them in the receiving bag.

  • The sesame skin removing machine is a vertical structure, the internal space can be fully utilized. The volume is small, the structure is simple, the appearance is beautiful. The operation is convenient, and the maintenance rate is low.

A compound agitator is used, which can produce axial flow splitting. Radial flow splitting and circular flow splitting function, the material is turned fully. The use of the compound mixer shortens the time for soaking, peeling, and separating sesame seeds, and improves the production efficiency and product quality.

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