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commercial hydraulic oil press machine

The hydraulic oil press machine adopts the oil pressure to transmit pressure. It squeezes the raw material in a static state to extract oil. The machine uses pure physical pressing and will not damage the composition of the oil. It is suitable for pressing peanuts, sesame, walnuts, olives, avocados, and other raw materials. The hydraulic oil extraction machine directly pours the roasted raw materials into the barrel for oil extraction. It has the characteristics of simple operation, high oil yield, and pure grease.

Suitable raw material

The hydraulic oil press is suitable for pressing olive, avocado, peanut, sesame, walnut, and other raw materials. The quality of the oil extracted by the machine is relatively high and generally does not need to be filtered.

suitable raw material
suitable raw material

Hydraulic cold oil press machine parameters

Weight(kg )250750105014002000
Maximum pressure5555555550
Barrel capacity2481115
Oil cake diameter150180230260320

Oil Yeild of oil press machine appling to other materials

oil yield of hydraulic cold oil extraction machine
oil yield of hydraulic cold oil extraction machine

Working principle of oil extraction

Different from the screw oil press machine, the hydraulic press uses the pressure of hydraulic oil to push the raw material. The automatic hydraulic oil press machine uses the oil pressure from the pumping station to generate pressure between the piston and the top. Under the action of strong pressure, it can squeeze the oil into the press chamber. The main working power of a hydraulic cold oil press machine is the hydraulic oil pressure in the chamber.  The oil pressure pushes the wall of the press chamber to move. By controlling the hydraulic pressure, it can control the heating temperature of the oil. This can effectively prevent the high temperatures from destroying the properties of proteins.

hydraulic oil press machine structure
hydraulic oil press machine structure

Small hydraulic oil press machine spotlights

  • It adopts pure physical pressing, will not generate high temperature to destroy the effective ingredients and nutrients of the oil during the cold pressing process. The oil extraction machine can ensure the extraction of oil quality and the oil cake contains fewer impurities.
  • It is widely used for pressing nuts with high oil content such as peanuts, sesame, almonds, walnuts, etc. And it is also suitable for the squeezing of Chinese medicine, condiments, and Chinese medicine: pepper, tea seed, perilla, and other raw materials.
  • The hydraulic oil press machine can squeeze out oil at one time with a high degree of automation. The operation is simple, it only takes 6 to 8 minutes from feeding to discharging, and one person can operate 3 to 4 machines.
  • Using the transmission working principle, with a low failure rate, maintenance cost, and power consumption.

How to maintain hydraulic sesame oil press machine

 Before using the machine, first, check and debug the machine. It is mainly through experiments on oil pumps and safety valves to ensure the stable operation of the hydraulic system.

When squeezing oil, control the temperature and water content according to the characteristics of the oil, and pay attention to the standard operation method.

The maintenance of the hydraulic oil expeller machine will directly affect the service life of the machine. Check the filtration and replenishment of hydraulic oil regularly, and clean the oil tank and new oil should be regularly replaced.

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