The peanut almond slicer machine is mainly used to cut the nuts into even thin slices. Its cutting range is 0.3-2mm and the slice thickness can be adjusted.
The cashew nut dryer is mainly used for drying raw cashew nuts and unpeeled borma cashew. It mainly uses hot air circulation to dry cashew nuts.
The cashew steaming machine is also called a nut boiler machine, it can cook cashew nuts for better shelling.
The peanut butter maker is also named nut grinder machine, which is suitable for grinding peanuts, almonds, sesame, cocoa beans and other nuts
The small peanut butter processing plant contains a series of peanut butter processing machines for making peanut butter.
The cocoa powder making machine is an all stainless steel cocoa grinder, which can control the cocoa powder fineness by changing screens of different fineness.
The nut roasting machine is suitable for roasting peanuts, cocoa beans, cashews, almonds and other nuts. It can be used alone or in a nut processing line.
The cashew nut processing machine could cook, shell, peel, roast cashew nuts. We provide small and large Kaju cashew processing plants.
The cashew kernel peeling machine is suitable for removing the skin of dry cashew kernels. It matches with a cashew kernel dryer machine.
The raw cashew nut grading machine is suitable for classifying cashew nuts into several grades by customizing different mesh sizes.

Nuts Process