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small peanut butter production line

The peanut butter production line includes some commercial peanut butter machines for making smooth peanut butter. According to the different outputs, the peanut butter production line divides into a small peanut butter production plant and a fully automatic peanut butter processing plant. The production output of the semi-automatic butter processing line is 50-300kg/h. It mainly includes a roasting machine, peanut peeling machine, peanut butter making machine, and peanut butter filling machine. The automatic nut butter processing plant is an automatic production line with an output of 300-1000kg/h. It can complete the entire process from raw materials to filling peanut butter.

Peanut butter introduction

Peanut butter is a very widely used material. It comes in sweet and salty flavors. And there are many ways to make it. There is two common making method in the market, one is to directly use the peanut butter production line to produce peanut butter.

peanut butter manufacturing
peanut butter manufacturing

The other is to add peanut particles to the prepared peanut butter to increase their taste. They have a smooth and coarse taste. In addition, you also can add honey, chocolate, and other ingredients to improve peanut butter’s tastes according to personal and regional preferences.

Application scene of peanut butter

Peanut butter has a wide range of application scenarios. It can apply for noodles, as a hot pot base, cold dish seasoning, and even as a dipping sauce. In foreign countries, peanut butter is mainly used to make lunch snacks for primary and middle school students.

peanut butter application scenes
peanut butter application scenes

It also widely applies as an ingredient in foods such as crackers, sandwiches, peanut cookies, baked goods, candies, breakfast cereals, and ice cream.

300kg Small peanut butter production line

The small peanut butter production line is mainly composed of a peanut roasting machine, a peanut peeling machine, a peanut butter maker, and a peanut butter filling machine.

small peanut butter production line
small peanut butter production line

The semi-automatic peanut butter processing machine has low investment costs and high productivity. It is very suitable for customers who initially start a peanut butter business or use a single peanut butter grinder to increase peanut butter production output.

Watch Video of small peanut butter processing machine working steps

Roasting peanut

peanut roaster machine

Capacity: 100kg/h

Heat temperature: 240-260℃(electricity), 220-240℃(gas)

Peanut roasting machine   The peanut roaster has electric, gas, electromagnetic heating methods. It mainly roasts the drum through the heat generated by the heating source, and then the heat source on the drum transfers to the peanuts to achieve the purpose of roasting. The peanut roaster basically does not destroy the integrity of the peanut particles. The peanut butter-making machine has an intelligent control panel to automatically control the time and temperature of peanut roasting.

The control panel could have small tags in Chinese or English or other languages to show the function of the buttons. For the electric roaster, customers could set the heating time and the machine will stop heating at the time. For the gas roaster, customers could also set the heating time. But the control system only reminds them of a sound when the time is over. The machine is still operating. Workers need to close the roaster by themself.

Peeling peanut   

Peanut red skin removing machine It generally uses a peanut peeler machine to remove the red skin of roasted peanuts. The output is 500-600kg/h. The dry peanut peeling machine removes the red skin of peanuts through the friction force generated by the vibration of the machine and the rubber roller rubbing the peanuts. It has a device for automatically collecting peeled peanuts.

peanut dry peeling machine
peanut dry peeling machine

Grinding peanut butter

Peanut butter machine The peanut butter machine is widely used to grind all kinds of nuts into the butter. The peanut butter grinder used in the semi-automatic peanut butter maker machine is a stand-alone machine. If the first grinding does not reach the desired fineness, it needs to grind for the second time.

peanut butter grinder machine
peanut butter grinder machine

Filling peanut butter   

In the Peanut butter processing machine, the filling of peanut butter requires a semi-automatic filling machine. The filling machine can operate manually by people, so you can fill peanut butter with different yields according to your requirements.

peanut butter filling machine
peanut butter filling machine

Small peanut butter processing machine features

  • The output range of the small peanut butter processing machine is 50kg/h-300kg/h. Different production lines have different investment ranges.
  • All peanut butter making machines are made of food machine materials, which fully comply with food safety and sanitation standards.
  • The filling machine in the semi-automatic nut butter production line can meet various filling specifications. It is very suitable for the direct filling of bottled peanut butter.
  • The peanut butter processing machine’s food contact part adopts stainless steel. It has the characteristic of simple disassembly and assembly, easy to clean, and meets food hygiene requirements.

Differences between small and automatic peanut butter production line

Different production output

The output of the small peanut butter-making machine is 50-300kg/h. And the output of the automatic peanut butter production line is 300-1000kg/h.

Different investment costs

automatic peanut butter processing machine
automatic peanut butter processing machine

The initial investment cost of the small peanut butter machine is low, so it is suitable for individuals, shops, small peanut butter production plants to invest. The large-scale peanut butter processing machine contains multiple machines, and the investment costs are different for different outputs. And the full-automatic peanut butter processing line covers a large area, so it is suitable for large-scale peanut butter production plants.

Different amounts of manpower input

The small-scale production line has a low degree of automation, and it requires 3-4 people to operate each machine. The large-scale automatic peanut butter processing machine can automatically complete the formation from raw materials to finished products. It generally requires 1-2 people to operate.

Peanut butter filling styles

peanut butter filling styles
peanut butter filling styles

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